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Posted by 06.18.09



A fantastic light weight oil that is made of organically grown nuts of the Argan trees in Morocco, Argan oil is said to be the latest help all ingredient of the beauty industry.  This oil is a  restoring and age defying product.  Argan oil is high in fatty acids and strong vitamin E, which helps relieve people of various skin conditions and helps replenish hair, battle acne, wrinkles, eczema, and psoriasis.

Josie Maran was raised in a Boehmian household and always looked at makeup as a bad thing because her mother, who never wore an ounce, was still more beautiful than anyone with a masked makeup face.  After landing her role in the spot light and growing up in front of cameras, Josie saw that makeup truly was NOT an enemy.  Once Josie herself became a mother, she wanted to contribute her own good lesson to society and thus created her own line of cosmetics and coined the phrase, “Josie Maran Cosmetics… luxury with a conscience.” Maran’s fab product is 100% organic and bottled in recyclable glass.  As an addition to her fantastic collection,  Josie Maran has recently created Bronzing Argan Oil, same great formula just combined with a shimmering bronzer to provide your skin with a healthy glow all year round!

FINAL VERDICT: GGI ( Gotta Get It) This product works to replenish so many different parts of your body & even your hair! People in Morocco are eating it too! Can’t blame them, this is a great oil and I definitely recommend it!

This article was written according to theposhreview.com

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