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Within his growing practices in Great Neck and Manhattan’s Park Avenue, Dr. Kevin Tehrani of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery offers a full spectrum of beauty and spa treatments, ranging from a full service  medspa to cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts and body. Dr. Tehrani formerly served as Lieutenant Commander in Naval Reserves Medical Corps, and volunteers his surgical expertise to underdeveloped countries for children with congenital defects.  Aside from his interest in breast reconstruction and enhancement, he has a keen interest in embracing skincare and spa therapies and holistic treatments,  including yoga and Pilates (his wife is a certified instructor).

Adding to his long list of unique credentials, Dr. Tehrani is the Chief Medical Advisor of a glossy publication called, GLOW, The Magazine About Beauty, Health and Wellness.


How did your experience in the Navy serve as an inspiration for your volunteer work?

My experience as a Lieutenant Commander in Naval Reserves Medical Corps heightened my awareness of those suffering from lack of healthcare due to geographic remoteness, ethnicity and political upheavals. From these experiences a true willingness developed to return to these areas and use my surgical expertise to help those in need. I participated in medical missions to the Philippines to provide surgical care to children with cleft lips and well as burns.  There was a mother and daughter, approximately 30 and 2 years old respectively, both of whom had cleft lip repair.  There was also a young girl who was about 8 years old who had a very bad burn to the top of  her foot as a newborn; the top of her foot was fused to her shin, so she walked on her heel for her entire life and could never wear shoes.  We corrected this deformity for her, which literally changed her life. It was very rewarding for the whole surgical team.

What is the most common complaint your patients have about the way they look and how do you respond?

My patients tend to complain about having a tired look of the eyes, which I can remedy with anything from a range of a comprehensive skin care (Obagi, SkinMedica) to individualized muscle relaxants (BOTOX, Dysport) and fillers (Juvederm, Restylane,  Sculptra) to surgical treatments like skin and fat removal. Reuvenating the eyelid area makes an immediate difference in your appearance and can take years off.

Which developed first – your interest in medicine or aesthetics?

Definitely in aesthetics. I feel an inherent need and subsequent rush of enjoyment when I am able to correct areas of the body for a patient that are either malfunctioning and/or need to “look better.”  I feel blessed that I have the greatest job in the world – I get to use my surgical skills every day combined with my interest in cosmetic medicine and sense of aesthetics. .

Do you have any predictions for the plastic surgery industry in the next 5-10 years?

  1. More non-invasive technologies are coming for fat removal and body shaping using non thermal energies that are safe and effective.
  2. Non surgical treatments will continue to play a major role in plastic surgery as more advanced, longer lasting dermal fillers come into the marketplace.
  3. Fat transfer into the face, breasts and gluteal area is also gaining popularity and experiencing a new growth. I am excited about the PureGraft system for fat grafting, which is something I recently discovered.

Have you noticed different trends in terms of aesthetic preferences between your Long Island and Manhattan clientele?

Not really anymore – although when I first started out in practice I think Manhattanites were slightly more into BOTOX than soccer moms in Nassau County. We see patients from all over the New York metro area – from the Hamptons to Tribeca and everywhere in between. A client who would be drawn to my practice may be a woman in her 40s or 50s who works and wants to keep up her looks in addition to working out, changing her hairstyle and addressing other cosmetic needs. Everyone wants to look as good as they feel rather than to look like someone else, which is a positive change.

Which procedures and treatments are you best known for at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery? Which is your favorite/least favorite?

Restoring a woman’s body to pre-pregnancy form is a very gratifying part of my practice. Many women feel self-conscious about the effects that pregnancy has had on their bodies. The stretching of the stomach muscles and skin, breasts, thighs and other areas during pregnancy can lead to loose and sagging skin, stretch marks and excess fat deposits.  The transformation that occurs in these women who choose to undergo lateral tension abdominoplasty combined with breast enhancement and liposuction (mommy makeover) is very fulfilling.  Perhaps my least favorite procedure is elective hand surgery, which is why I don’t do much anymore.

What might readers be most surprised or interested to know about you?

My grandfather  was a tailor, so there may be some “genetic” influence in terms of my interest in perfecting the human form and creating a better silhouette.  I always joked with him before he passed that I am a glorified tailor myself! And I should also mention that I have a terrific wife and amazing kids who add great balance to my life so I love what I do by day and coming home every night.

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