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06-26-11 | Posted by

Meet the Hair Color Innovator

From A-list colorist to beauty entrepreneur, chemist, and innovator, Kelly Van Gogh has always been at the forefront of hair color trends.  An internationally renowned hair colorist with over 15 years of industry experience, Kelly is known for her sophisticated hair color techniques.  After observing that her busy clients had less and less time to devote to their color maintenance, Kelly decided to get to the “root” of this problem and create a unique collection of professional grade, at-home hair care products under the KELLY VAN GOGH brand umbrella.


Tell us a bit about your background. How did you get involved in the beauty industry?

I was on my way to medical school and Bristol Meyers/Squibb found me at an Estée Lauder counter and heard that I had an uncanny eye for colour and ask me to help develop hair colour products with them.  I put school off to travel around the world and participate in hair colour development and became entrenched in hair colour, developed a cult following of celebs and VIPs all around the world and the rest is history.

What is your beauty philosophy? What makes a person beautiful inside and out?

You must make yourself happy first before you can make anyone else happy.  Beauty comes from within and that beauty comes from being happy and is then translated on the outside.  We are all personally responsible for our own happiness.  No one else is.

What are the current hair color trends appearing on the horizon? 

Going red is a wonderful and exciting way to change your colour and spice up your pallet. If you are blonde and bored, red is a great option. If you are brown and bored, red is an even better option because brown hair has the anchoring contributing pigment that is needed to “hold” the red in the hair. If you blonde and decide to go red, choose a lighter shade of red at first because you are going to have to reapply a couple of times to get it to hold. As the colour starts to hold, it will look richer and deeper on its own, so start lighter and you can progressively go darker.

How can women extend their professional hair color?  Is there something they can apply in between salon appointments?

When you use Kelly Van Gogh Master Blend, there is no need to do anything else but maintain it with the Colour Protecting Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner and Wonderlust.  You must correct your hair and have a beautiful canvas for hair colour every time you colour, shampoo and condition or your hair colour will fade.  Putting a glossing on in between colouring services actually may dry out your hair and cause it to fade even more. You must use a better hair colour to get better results and KELLY VAN GOGH is a better hair colour.

What is your desert island beauty product – the one product you can’t live without? 

That would have to be Wonderlust, which acts as a light switch disco ball for hair, turning on your natural highlights for out of this world shine. It also serves as protection from UV rays, a leave in conditioner, surf spray and restyler.

What are your future goals?

To have the KELLY VAN GOGH brand be the go-to hair colour brand for all women and men because it transforms hair brilliantly, and makes lives easier and stress free. I’m also focusing on our foundation, CEO (Children’s Entrepreneurial Organization), which works to catapult the lives of children so they experience success for a lifetime and in turn, they give back to the communities from which they come.  Pay it forward is CEO’s philosophy. If children play and work together, there will be no war o

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