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02-24-09 | Posted by



Make the most of your beauty collection by keeping it fresh and safe. Now is the perfect time to give your cosmetic routine an overhaul and purge your skincare and makeup.

The shelf life of eye products is more crucial because of the risk of infections. Any skin creams that smell funny, separate in the jar, develop an oily residue, or turn brown from oxidation should be tossed out immediately.

Eye makeup: Replace liquid products every six months. Toss powder shadows and pencils after a year or so. If your eye turns red or you get an eye infection, trash everything and start from scratch!

Mascara: Replace every three months or sooner if it dries out. Mascara brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria – so don’t share.

Powder  blush: Replace every year, or if you see flaking or clumping, or the color starts to fade out.

Loose powder: Replace at least every year, especially if it comes in a large jar where it gets exposed to air and light every time you use it.

Foundation: Replace every six months, sooner if the liquid separates. Also change your foundation every season – paler for fall/winter, more golden tones for spring/summer. Formulations get better with every new launch, too so take advantage of the offerings.

Concealer: Replace every 6-12 months, or if the color changes or starts to separate or flake.

Lipstick: Replace every year or so, or if the color changes, you smell a foul odor, or the taste seems off. If oil beads start forming on the sides of the lipstick, it’s a good idea to replace it.

Nail polish: Throw away polishes that have separated. Contrary to popular belief, keeping polish in the fridge doesn’t prolong its life. You can try adding a few drops of clear nail polish remover to try to thin out polish that is clogging.

Cleanser: Once it separates and gets runny, if a good shake doesn’t fix it, toss it.

Moisurizer: If it starts to thicken or smells different, or turns brown or yellow, get rid of it and start fresh.


  1. foreveramber Says:

    wow does anybody really do this? i have eye shadows still from high school. mascara cakes up quick, but didnt know i can hang on to the other stuff

  2. wewritealot Says:

    Mascara is like a toothbrush – you have to keep replacing it when it gets dried out, which is why I buy mine at the drugstore.

  3. SCM Says:

    Watch out for vitamin C products that turn brown or orange when exposed to air. Throw them out!

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