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12-27-12 | Posted by

Pre-pregnancy, or as now with child, one thing the Duchess of Cambridge has always had is a royal glow. Sure, she is very happily married to her Prince, but she has a rarely seen luminescence that comes down to not only genes but skincare—and wisely entrusting an expert to look after her frequently photographed face. Which is how Deborah Mitchell enters the picture and has became chargé d’affaires for the skincare of the Duchess after an introduction from the other Duchess—of Cornwall—a long-time devotee.

It was Vanity Fair who splashed the ‘Kate Cover’ with the sub-headline: “Bee Venom Facials with Camilla!” revealing that Deborah makes regular trips to Buckingham Palace, Windsor, and Sandringham to visit and treat the Royal Family (although the only official fans are Kate and Camilla but whose to say…?). Not bad for a former beauty queen from Shropshire in the north of England who, in common with Camilla, loves to ride her horses. Not that she has much time these days. Deborah’s hands are very busy, not only with a multi-million dollar skincare line but also a waiting list for facials that will carry her through to 2014.

But I was lucky enough to sample Heaven’s delight as experienced by Kate. For Deborah has just launched her sumptuous product range, Heaven, in the US at Clyde’s in New York City. Deborah was holding court at the Ritz Carlton in Manhattan a few weeks ago, so I skipped along to meet her and after a big warm hug—such a lovely person—I had stripped off to my knickers and bounced on the bed.

Let me explain: this is not how I normally conduct myself when entering a hotel room on any occasion and certainly not on a press visit. But Deborah and I have been friends from my first facial with her over a decade ago and I know why the Royal Family trusts and wants to help her—she is just that inspirational. But most importantly because her treatments are so darned good.

After she managed to shut me up, Deborah connected the two of us electro-magnetically, first to relax our muscles and, second, so that she was not only in-tune with my body but also my mind. This had something to do with my feet. It was instantly relaxing. Then using the Heaven range, she did a deep cleanse and a very unaggressive but effective exfoliation. Toning my skin, she applied the Heaven Bee Venom mask and this is where the treatment went from excellent to exponential.

For part of her treatment is working on the skull and releasing the muscles across the top of the head. You would be amazed how much tension is held there, and let’s face it, tension makes you look older. Kids for example have relaxed faces; the stress of holding muscles taut means your skin cannot breathe effectively and you are simply not circulating air around the muscles. Oh and it feels blissful.

Next, using the weight of my back as leverage, she worked on the muscles from under my chest, right up to my armpits and then up the neck. “To lift the muscles in the face, I work on the muscles right in the back,” she told me. A face massage continued and I rather nodded off. When I woke up Deborah was finishing and here was the difference: my skin not only looked clean from the inside out, my cheekbones had re-appeared and they had a quality that I can only describe as sculpted. My chin looked lifted, there was much less sagging, and I went out that evening with powder, mascara, and little else.

So admittedly, not many of us can have the Royal Treatment, but for now I urge you to go and get your own slice of Heaven.

www.heavenskincare.com (ships internationally)


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