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03-21-11 | Posted by

Photo credit: myzeno.com

From the folks that brought us Zeno, one of the earliest home care devices for treating blemishes with heat, they have a new approach – for aging skin, lines and wrinkles. The new ZENO LINE REWIND WRINKLE REDUCTION KIT is anti-aging skincare with a high tech twist. Line Rewind features a unique combination of heat, vibration and red light waves in a compact little bright pink device. The concept is simple – it’s a two part system. Step 1 – you apply the Wrinkle Reduction Serum (that contains the potent antioxidant resveratrol plus peptides and hyaluronic acid for plumping and hydration) all over your face. Step 2 –   Zeno warms up once you press the button, and the vibration helps to massage the serum deeply and evenly into the stratum corneum (upper layer of the skin). The red light technology gently smooths fine lines for a refreshed, softer appearance. You can work harder on areas where fine lines tend to creep up on your: i.e. crow’s feet, forehead and around the mouth.

Recommended use is once a day – and the whole treatment from start to finish literally takes 5-10 minutes. The heat and massage are very relaxing, so it’s like giving yourself a mini facial treatment at home anytime.

We love this concept of taking your skincare to the next level by delivering it deeper into the cells so it can work its magic. And at $39.99, ZENO LINE REWIND will satisfy the gadget guru in you without breaking the bank. All it needs is two AA batteries and you’re good to go. The system has unlimited uses and the Wrinkle Reduction Serum refills are $19.99 for 10 ounces.

Get yours at myzeno.com

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