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Posted by 10.08.08




I saw this on an informercial one night when I couldn’t sleep. It is a celebrity hairstylist endorsed product that is supposed to be all natural and leave your hair silky and shiny. Sounds good, right? The difference is that it doesn’t contain detergents so is supposed to avoid buildup, soap residue and is therefore, meant to be gentler on your hair. The instructions are absurd – you have to wash out your hair with water endlessly so it takes three times as long to shampoo! Who has time for that every morning…There are a few varieties – fig, lavender, mint, tea tree, etc. – all of which have pleasant aromas. And the line extensions include fixatives and trial sizes. The starter kit goes for $29.95. If your hair or scalp is oily, this is so not the right product for you. Probably best left for dry, thick hair – and I can’t see how you could use this without washing your hair every single day, especially if you live in hot or humid climates. And it is expensive for what it is – although you supposedly don’t need to use conditioner, since it cleans and conditions for you, so I guess that is how they justify the price. I don’t normally put a lot of faith in infomercials, and especially ones that have celebs who are paid well to flog products on TV. WEN did not WIN me over on that score either.

FINAL VERDICT – (SYC) Save Your Cash! – It smells nice enough, but it’s very hard to wash out and leaves your hair shiny and soft but not really clean enough. I don’t get it and wouldn’t buy it again. No more infomercials for me!

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  1. beautylovingmom Says:

    I got this from the infomercial. It takes a lot of getting used to. I cant use it every day though – leaves my hair too greasy.

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