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05-29-13 | Posted by

In case you’ve been living under a rock, May is Skin Cancer Awareness month and dermatologists, the American Academy of Dermatology, and countless skincare and beauty brands have been doing their part to educate consumers on the dangers of playing in the sun and bronzing recklessly.

But in spite of this mountain of warnings to wear SPF, apparently many of us continue to go out in the sun without sunscreen, tempting the fates. Shockingly, even those who have been diagnosed with melanoma are still disregarding warnings to be sun safe. According to findings recently presented by researchers at Yale University, more than a quarter of people who have had melanoma say they never use sunscreen. What’s more, 2% admit they have used a tanning bed in the last year. Only a pitiful 17% of adults report always wearing sunscreen. Clearly, many Americans aren’t willing to give up their tans at any cost.

But there are safe ways to get a healthier glow and save your skin. Jergens® offers a safe alternative to burns and blisters. Trade in your life threatening sunning habits for gradual, natural looking color with Jergens® Natural Glow ($8.69). Jergens developed the first and original color-enhancing moisturizer that started this mega trend. Check out the 2 ounce size ($1.99), perfect for a summer weekend getaway and even better, it’s TSA compliant.

The newest Natural Glow range has been reformulated to reduce the icky unpleasant self tanner odor, which represents a quantum leap over previous generations. Jergens® spent seven years developing a solution that blocks the receptors in the nose that pick up the smell to prevent you from getting a whiff of it. The new line is formulated with odor-absorbing ingredients to reduce the smell on your skin. 

To get the best results, smooth on evenly, and wash your hands after application. You will start seeing a subtle color develop in a few days. If it isn’t dramatic or deep enough for your tastes, just apply more frequently. We love it for arms and legs, especially for fair to medium skin tones, to avoid a pasty, sun-deprived look. It goes a long way too – two or three bottles can get you through the whole summer.

Want to glow faster? They’ve got you covered. Jergens® Natural Glow 3 Days To Glow Moisturizer provides natural-looking all summer long color in just 3 days. And for daily protection plus a healthy glow, try Jergens® Natural Glow FACE Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 20.


One Response to “JUST SAY NO TO TANNING”

  1. savefor4 Says:

    I have a question regarding the Jergens Natural glow. I like to exfoliate my skin 1-3 times a week in the shower and use my Clarisonic daily only exfoliating 1-2times a week based on how my skin is reacting on my face. Does anyone have any insight whether the Jergens Natural Glow will come off after exfoliating? Also, I like to use Philosphy’s Pure Grace, Summer Grace & Fields of Flowers-Peony scent. Body wash and lotion. Can I use these too and still continue to have and maintain a natural glow with the Jergens product? I figure if I exfoliate and use the body wash, dry off, apply the Jergens Natural Glow first and then follow with whichever Philiosphy lotion, the Jergens Natural Glow will still remain. I hope this is the case since I really love to have a natural scent that’s not oeverwhelming since I’m not into wearing erfume unless it’s a special occasion & it’s a very subtle scent.
    I would appreciate feedback. Thanks,
    Savefor 4.

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