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04-03-11 | Posted by

Meet London’s Holistic Facialist

London facial therapist, Julia Hart, knows that beauty is much more than skin-deep. She takes a holistic approach to anti-aging, focusing on lifestyle, nutrition and supplements in addition to treatments. She believes that all skins can be measurably improved and develops bespoke skincare regimens, tailoring her treatment menu to the client’s ever changing needs. Julia draws upon 15 year of experience and training to bridge the gap between traditional beauty treatments and medical aesthetics. Currently she sees clients at the Hale Clinic in London as well as her own treatment rooms in Kent.


Tell us a bit about your background and your current anti-aging philosophy.

I have been working in the beauty and health industry for 15 years, and have always had a love of all things skincare – constantly trying products and treatments to improve my own skin. I have a holistic approach to aging in that I really believe that we have to start looking inside first with what we eat, drink and breath, and how we sleep and manage our stress. I try to eat as well as I can, including lots of antioxidant-rich foods, protein and with the insurance of some anti-aging supplements. Also, I am excited about the amazing topical ingredients that are now available in some skincare products. I do favour the cosmeceuticals that are results driven and improve the skin with cumulative results. So I preach a well rounded approach inside and out, and try and use preventative methods if possible.

You recently incorporated 02 Intraceuticals into your treatment lineup. Please describe what 02 Intraceuticals are, how they work, and their benefits.

Intraceuticals is an Australian company, which developed a unique hylauronic acid serum to use with their Hyperbaric Oxygen machine that has been made rather famous as so many celebrities are huge fans of the treatments and products. Michelle Peck is Madonna’s facialist and Intraceuticals’ spokesperson worldwide. The treatment really produces instant results; this is why it is so special. I love the plumping, tightening effect it has on my clients’ skin, and it can be used all around the delicate skin on the eyes, really giving you a younger looking appearance.

You refer to your Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Treatment as a “power facial.” What is it exactly?

Basically, it is three treatments combined together to achieve maximum results on the skin. I start with a thorough cleansing – then a form of exfoliation/peeling is used, depending on the client’s skin. On the resurfaced skin, I apply a stable vitamin C serum with DMAE, then I use Red Light Therapy using the Baby Quaser – this little tool stimulates collagen and elastin, tightens pores and makes skin look rejuvenated. All this is followed by the deeply hydrating, plumping Intraceuticals rejuvenating serum infusion, which perfects the skin, lifts and tightens. All these elements will result in younger looking skin very quickly. And if kept up, the results last much longer.

What anti-aging home treatments do you recommend for your clients?

I always recommend the Tua Viso micro-current machine for clients to use at home, especially if you can start young enough in your early 30s. Keeping the underlying facial muscles strong will prevent a lot of the atrophy we see in aging skin, plus it improves the micro-circulation giving you a glow. Also regular home massage techniques using the Gankin method is good for giving your skin a glow and alleviating muscular tension in the face and jaw 

We understand that you are very keen on focusing on lifestyle, nutrition and supplements to benefit the appearance of the skin. Do you have any tips for our readers?

Exercise is fantastic for giving you that youthful glow, so get as much as you can. Stress is an ager, so try stress management techniques and drink green tea, which is great for stress and packed full of antioxidants.

Try and eat a handful of protein with each meal, as this food group is the building block of firmer skin. Include turkey, salmon and free range chicken, opt for wholegrains and as many fresh veggies as you can eat. The brighter the colour of the veggie, the better.

I also recommend supplements – I love Viridian Beauty complex, which contains ingredients to maintain the integrity of your collagen, plus antioxdiants. I like to take an omega oil like Udo’s Choice everyday, and as I am in my 30s now, I take hyaluronic acid to ensure good levels of this plumper, for my skin and joints. My top antioxidant has to be Glisodin Superoxide Dismutase – I actually noticed a difference in the reduction of fine lines around my eyes after a couple of weeks of taking this, plus getting up in the morning is easier. Sleep is another anti-ager, so make sure you get quality zzzz.

What exciting developments do you see on the horizon in terms of new treatments or products?

I would like see micro–needling become more popular, particularly teamed with other treatments that push ingredients into the skin. I am watching closely for more advances in stem-cell research and telomeres. Products are becoming more sophisticated in their delivery systems to deliver more active ingredients, so this is interesting – the new Jan Marini Dark Circle Eye Defence contains a new delivery system to get the active ingredients into the skin quicker and keep them stable.

What’s in your bag?

I am a huge fan of Jan Marini Products and I use the whole system, plus the fabulous primer. I also do use Intraceuticals products (hydration gel and binding cream) if I have had the oxygen infusion, as using the products for a week afterwards maintains the results. I also like Restylane night serum, which is one of the only retinol products that doesn’t dry my skin out and makes my skin look really good. I really love By Terry Make-up, especially the foundation pens and highlighters for under the eyes. I also like to set my make-up with Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist, which I love to spritz throughout the day if my skin needs a boost. I also cannot live without my humidifier during the winter. It really keeps your skin moist.

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