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An accomplished musician (she received her B.A. Magna Cum Laude from Boston’s Berklee College of Music), Dr. Hellman decided to switch gears and pursue a medical career. She has been treating New Yorkers’ various skincare and aesthetic concerns in her Central Park South private practice since 1993 with a warm bedside manner. Dr. Hellman still credits the the fine motor skills she developed during her musical training as key in performing her surgical and aesthetic procedures.


What advice do you give to patients to maintain beautiful, healthy skin?

An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. Good basic skin care with the proper cleanser, antioxidants, moisturizers for dry skin, sunscreens and exfoliation and retinoids for acne prone skin will help ward off aging and blemishes. No downtime treatments such as glycolic peels and microdermabrasions, when properly performed,  help maintain the glow and smoothness of healthy, young skin.

What procedures and treatments would you consider your specialty?

I specialize in laser treatments for all types of skin problems. I have a unique method of treating cystic acne with Pulse Dye Laser with great success. Other laser treatments address excess hair, brown spots and hormonal pigmentation (melasma),  facial redness and capillaries, rough texture, and last but not least, facial wrinkles and skin sagging. I also use BOTOX and wrinkle fillers such as Restylane, Perlane and Radiesse, alone or in combination with laser treatment for the best possible result. Best of all, most of these treatments are minimal or no downtime, and can fit into anyone’s schedule and budget. I also remove moles, beauty marks and of course, treat skin rashes and skin cancer.

Any tips for busy urban working women who only have time for the basic skin care routine?

A good cleanser once a day, such as my GlySal Cleanser, with Glycolic and Salycilic acid, will remove makeup residue, oil, and keep the pores from getting clogged up. For oily skin, I recommend our Green Tea Antioxidant serum once or twice daily, which not only protects from free radical damage, but also decreases the red color of inflammation in conditions like acne or rosacea. For moisturizing without clogging the pores, I recommend the Q10 Antioxidant cream, which works for all skin types. For a healthy glow, my patients use the Thermal Exfoliater 2-3 times a week — a gentle yet effective way to shed the sallow top layers and unclug the pores. For mature skin, or skin marred by acne scars, a once-a-day application of the Vitamin C Serum with a growth factor (TGF Beta) stimulates collagen production and helps smooth out the skin. For antiaging, retinoids such as RetinA or Differin are a helpful addition, at night.

The above is a low maintenance routine and can be easily done by even the busiest person in just a few seconds a day. For those interested, they are described in detail on my website, www.BigAppleSkin.com. Of course, sunscreens are necessary for everyone, regardless of skin types or color. A non-comedogenic sunscreen with a broad UVA and UVB protection range is best. I tell my patients that once they get home, they should remove the sunscreen, which has a tendency to occlude the pores.

What beauty brands do you love?

For sunscreens, I recommend Neutrogena’s brand with Helioplex, which is available with very high SPF for outdoors activities, and the minimum daily SPF should be at least 30, even for limited sun exposure.

I also like the products of Oil of Olay, which are affordable and have good quality, as well as certain Lancôme products. However, none of the OTC brands have high concentrations of active ingredients for anti-aging or acne due to FDA restrictions,which is why products from a physician are more effective and often less expensive than some well known, very high priced brands sold in department stores.

Are you a mom?

Yes! My 12 year old son Michael is a musical prodigy.

What’s your favourite bag?

A Chanel handbag which I received as a gift, and I treasure. It is shaped like a tear drop and is made with animal print with red leather decoration.  I LOVE it!

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