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03-24-11 | Posted by

Photo Credit: www.joloves.com

After a five year hiatus, Jo Malone is ready to get into the fragrance biz again. In 2006, she stepped down as creative director of the Jo Malone fragrance company, which she sold to The Estee Lauder Companies in 1999. This month, the entrepreneur has announced plans to launch Jo Loves, a completely separate global fragrance brand that will debut in time for Christmas 2011.

“I spent the last three years being mum at home and enjoyed that thoroughly, but still deep within me is that little niggling thought ‘could I do it again’?” commented Ms. Malone in a video on www.joloves.com. The new fragrances will be born from things that “Jo loves,” such as the flavor and colors of food, new found passions.

“It’s really important that people understand that this new company and the creative things that I do are no longer anything to do with the Jo Malone brand. This new company is me again… the person,” said Jo in the video.

“Designing fragrance is who I am, it makes my heart beat,” she states on the new web site.

Reportedly, Jo Loves will debut with a total of 40 fragrances and possibly candles. Stay tuned for more news about this scentastic development.

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