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02-19-11 | Posted by

Photo Credit: Jo Malone

The English Art of Tea Inspires Five New Limited-Edition Colognes from Jo Malone

There is nothing more quintessentially British than “tea time.” And now, that most British of brands, Jo Malone, has created a line of limited-edition colognes inspired by that lovely tradition, one frankly I think we ought to adopt stateside. Unlike many tea-inspired fragrances, these aren’t just about the green, but rather a variety of teas and accompaniments that will suit many styles and tastes. Each is priced at $35 for 1 oz.

The Tea Fragrance Blend collection comprises:

Assam & Grapefruit: a blend of herbaceous Assam tea and invigorating grapefruit.

Earl Grey & Cucumber: a playful twist on the tradition of high tea, cucumber sandwiches and all.

Fresh Mint Leaf: a mixture of mint, basil and mate infused with cedarwood and musk.

Sweet Lemon: mirrors the custom of adding a slice of lemon or a teaspoon of sugar to a cup of tea.

Sweet Milk: captures the sweet, creaminess that a dash of milk adds to tea.

If you are looking for a traditional, yet inventive theme for your new fragrance, I firmly recommend that you check out these new Tea Fragrance Blends, available at Jo Malone shops and counters as of March 2011.

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