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01-09-14 | Posted by

First face, then eyes, and now body.

Jergens, your friendly drugstore moisturizer, has just introduced a BB cream just for the body, and it promises a lot of things like instant hydration and illumination. And in five days, it promises to even, firm, and correct dark and uneven spots.

Available in two shades (one for lighter, and medium-deep skin tones), Jergens BB Cream Body is a bit of a wizard after I tested it for just 24 hours. The illumination factor is definitely there, and my skin subtly glowed within minutes after application. The firming action was most noticeable (the cream contains a Firm Perfecting Complex) and while there is no tingling sensation that typically accompanies firming and cellulite-control creams, my skin felt and looked visibly toned within 24 hours.

The only area where BB Body Cream falls short is hydration; despite its shea butter component—it does not moisturize as well as my regular body lotion, or actually even Jergens own Crema Deep Conditioning Oatmeal Body Cream. The perfecting cream has a high level of light-reflecting particles to hide skin’s imperfections, and I found that it blended very well—quite seamlessly, actually—with my own skin tone.

This is the first BB body cream on the market (while there are other brands that have an all-in-one BB cream, this is the first devoted exclusively to smoothing body imperfections). Originally used by dermatologists in Germany and later by Korean film stars, the “Beauty Balm” phenomenon has been all the rage over the past couple of years in America and beyond and is now translating into niche areas like the body.

The Jergens BB Body Cream also offers a blurring effect to hide skin imperfections, and while it won’t completely hide your stretch marks, it will make your skin bikini worthy in minutes for just $12.99.

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