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Posted by 09.19.09



Dior redefines the smoky eye with this coveted limited edition compact that contains the perfect selection of eye liner, brow powder, eye shadows in matte to sparkly. The black patent mirrored case alone will make you swoon. I recall reading once that when the late Nan Kempner, a renowned NY socialite, was too poor to afford designer collections that she ultimately snapped up at all the Paris shows, she would be just the belts. I feel like that with DIOR – I cant really indulge in the bags much as I would love to, although I have been known to go for DIOR shoes on sale (which look great and wear well),  but the makeup makes you feel like a million bucks – at the same price as many other far less luxurious brands.  Although I normally use pencil or cream eyeliner, this palette includes a dark smoky liner and a brush tip that glides on beautifully. The colors would be flattering to any woman – taupey browns and muted shimmers that blend beautifully together for a whole collection of looks to experiment with.

FINAL VERDICT: RDW (Run Dont Walk) – Especially these days, every girl needs a touch of luxury in her life. This is a palette you are sure to use over and over again – it will make your eyes pop! Also available in Purple Jazz in select locations. At $65 you will wear this all year long, day and night.

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