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Meet The Mineral Beauty Producer

You may be aware that Jane Iredale was the first full makeup line on the market to offer not just color enhancement but also benefits to the skin. Less well-known, perhaps, is that before she formed her cosmetics company Jane’s background was in film, theatre and television. She started as a casting director working in television commercials with models like Lauren Hutton, Jaclyn Smith and Cybill Shepherd and then in film and television with actresses like Susan Sarandon, Glenn Close and Sarah Jessica Parker. She went on to form her own production company, and was nominated for a Tony Award for her work on Broadway. That’s quite a whirlwind career! Today, the brand remains true to its original mission of bringing women a makeup that enhances the health of the skin and has expanded into more than 40 countries.


How did you first recognize the benefits of minerals in cosmetics?

We recognized the superior coverage immediately. Because I was lucky enough to be accepted by several plastic surgery offices early on, I started to get feedback from them about how mineral applications calmed inflammation, kept the skin moist and generally improved the look and feel of compromised skin. Once we had a bit of money to spend, we sent the powders to the lab to do SPF testing and we were happily surprised at the results. It’s still an ongoing process since we now find that the UVA protective levels with the right minerals are also high. Now, of course, we add ingredients that have additional benefits for the skin such as antioxidants, algae extracts and botanicals.

As your heritage is in doctors’ offices, how have you seen aesthetics change since you started?

I think the change in aesthetics that I’ve seen has been the positive collaboration between doctors and aestheticians and the acceptance that meaningful change can be brought about in many different ways without necessarily requiring surgery. When I first started, doctors and aestheticians rarely, if ever, interacted with each other. As doctors began to appreciate that patients got better results from pre- and post-operative treatments in the preparation of the skin, they began to respect the contribution that an aesthetician could make. Soon doctors were hiring aestheticians as full-time team members. Then a second shift began when spas started to hire doctors to consult with their clients about performing non-invasive procedures on their premises.

What product are you most proud of and why?

Our PurePressed Base has been our star product since we brought it out. I use it every single day whether I’m speaking to an audience or walking the dog. It saves me so much time because it’s four products in one – a powder, foundation, concealer and sunscreen. It really is all those things. It goes on easily and flawlessly and stays where I put it. It’s also water resistant. It isn’t easy getting all those qualities in one product. We had to choose the right ingredients, the right particle sizes, the right processing methods and press them in the correct way. We also had to do it without any of the traditional ingredients that are used in makeup because we wanted to remain pure to our mineral makeup definition, which was a product with no talc, no synthetic preservatives and no comedogenic ingredients.

What beauty brands do you personally use ?

I buy everything from my health food store. So I don’t buy by brand. I buy according to the ingredient label and then I test for performance. Once I find something I like, I’m faithful to it for years. My makeup bag only contains my products.

What’s next for Jane Iredale?

We’re going to continue doing what we’re doing but hoping to get better and better at it. We’re very engaged with spreading the word internationally and learning about markets that we haven’t yet opened. These are exciting times with new ingredients, new technologies and new ways of marketing them.

Are you a mom?

Yes, I have a chocolate Labrador who is asleep under my desk right now.

What’s your favourite bag?

A little yellow Goyard purse with a wooden handle that’s shaped like a small Kelly bag.

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