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JANA KLAUER MD – Eat Your Way to Thin & Gorgeous

10-25-09 | Posted by

Meet the Park Avenue Nutritionist

Dr. Klauer practices what she preaches when it comes to nutrition and fitness. As the former national director of nutrition for the Equinox health clubs and  member of the Equinox medical board, the Columbia and Mount Sinai educated specialist helps some of the creme de la creme of New York society maintain their lifestyles with a healthy regimen. A past Research Fellow at the New York Obesity Research Center of St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, Dr. Klauer is on a one woman mission to keep the growing epidemic from growing any further, one well-heeled client at a time.





1. What is your personal philosophy on the beauty-nutrition connection?

Health within the body is reflected through external appearance. The skin, hair. and nails are sites that signal what is happening inside the body.

2. Tell us about your 5 principles?

  1. Being in good health means taking care of yourself. Basically, it all boils down to the following: Diet, exercise, sleep and hydration. Diet: Be sure to consume protein at each meal. Women often eliminate protein from their diets, and replace it with carbohydrates, to save calories. Example: Grabbing a low fat breakfast bar or instant oatmeal versus a plain yogurt with a slice of melon or berries. The breakfast bar and instant oatmeal contain grains, which supply carbohydrates. Yogurt will supply the protein your body requires to build and repair itself. It is all about build and repair within the body. Include protein in each meal.
  2. Daily aerobic exercise is essential. Exercise increases circulation, which increases skin cell renewal.
  3.  Eliminate processed food from your diet. Consider the value of a food to the body; ask yourself “what will this food do for my body?” It is easy to answer the question when eating a piece of fruit or cheese or a filet of salmon. Fish= protein and omega-3. Fruit= vitamins and fiber. Cheese= calcium and protein. But processed foods are tricky because the labels try to convince you to buy them. For example, Low fat usually means high in carbohydrates or sugar.
  4. Hydration is very important and I do not understand all the fuss behind it! Drink 2-3 liters of water daily. Period. Hydration is reflected by our skin. We test for this in the ER. Dehydrated skin forms a “tent” when you pinch it between your fingers. When you are well-hydrated the skin snaps right back and does not form a tent. Hydration, like exercise, improves circulation, carrying waste products away.
  5. Sleep. During deep sleep growth hormone is released, which helps the bodily repair process. You look better, feel better and think better when you are rested.

3. You also have your own product line. How did that evolve?

Everyday Nutrition shakes are unique, ready to drink liquid meals. They are my own formulation and are the only shake containing the two most important omega-3 fats. Men’s Health Magazine voted them the BEST ready to drink protein shakes available. They are right! Each shake has 20 grams of protein, 400 mg calcium and 700 mg omega-3. They are absolutely delicious and may substitute for a meal. When there is no time for lunch, I grab an Everyday Nutrition shake. My husband has one for breakfast everyday!

4. You’re known as the Park Avenue Nutritionist – how do you see your lifestyle guidance applying across the board, regardless of social status and income?

Look, we all have a responsibility to take care of our health. No one can do it for you. I do not think just because a person is wealthy, they make better food choices or vice versa. People often think that the rich have it so easy; it some ways that may be true, but the fact is just because you have a chef and a personal trainer doesn’t mean you are eating the right foods or doing enough exercise. You do not need lots of money to lead a healthy life. My grandmother had seven children, ran a farm and did her own cooking and cleaning. Washing clothes, hanging them on the line, ironing her linens, scrubbing the floor – it was all Grandma! She grew her own vegetables and raised animals, so I guess you could say she had the perfect organic diet. Because she was so active, she was very strong. She took no medications and lived a long life of 94 years. Her vibrant life reflected the healthy way she lived. We can all have that, no matter our economic situation.

5. What are your beauty food must-haves?

I start my day with yogurt and fruit, drink water throughout the day, a salad with protein for lunch, always include an afternoon snack of raw vegetables or a piece of fruit with cheese and then for dinner fish, chicken or free range meat and vegetables.

6. Do you consider ingredients in your cosmetics as carefully as you do the food you put in your body?

Of course. That is an important point because chemicals in cosmetics are absorbed through the skin.

7. Are you a mom?

My greatest achievements are my children Erika and Matthew.

8. What’s your favorite bag?

My son gave me a beautiful 1940s alligator bag for Christmas that he purchased at a church bazaar for $25!

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