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11-22-09 | Posted by

Metier de Beaute

From Left to Right: Mikey & Ivan

Meet the Beauté Gurus

Translated from the French, Métier means “craft,” harkening back to the brand’s inspiration: “old-world European craftsmen and clean, contemporary package design.” As Director of Makeup for Le Métier de Beauté, Mikey Castillo brings twenty years of experience to the brand, and  Ivan Castro has over 10 years of experience in makeup artistry. Fresh off their cross-country beauty tour, Mikey and Ivan spent the last month showcasing the the brand’s newest for fall 2009 in color and application.


(As told by Ivan Castro)

What is la difference of Le Métier de Beauté?

I love that throughout the line, each and every product consistently delivers. All of our products are both luxurious in texture and nourishing to the skin. The face will always look flawless and radiant – never heavy, oily or chalky.

How did you come to work with the brand?

Mikey Castillo, the Makeup Director of Le Métier De Beauté, has been a dear friend of mine for years. He told me about the brand early on in production. I remember using the product on a model for the first time. I was blown away by the performance of the line. Every product goes on effortlessly and the pigment pay off is very true.

The packaging is both elegant and highly functional (particularly the kaleidoscope kits) — where does the color palette and design inspiration come from?

The line has many different inspirations – from architecture to fashion, art to technology. The focus is always to create a well edited, luxury cosmetic aimed toward meeting the needs of the modern woman. Le Métier de Beauté represents the latest in technology and in fashion. We work with the best chemists in the industry to create the most effective formulas. Our color is most inspired by current fashion trends and what we feel can be translated into our clients’ lives.

Which items from the range are must-haves among your current customers?

Our Classic Flawless Finish Foundation is without a doubt a must have for every woman (and always a best-seller at counter). It’s an oil-free, water-based formula, enriched with Vitamins A and E and skin-loving hydrators and creates a more supple skin texture. Anti-oxidants are also added to protect against environmental damage.

The key to looking naturally bronzed is a bronzy glow with a little hint of pink/rose – nobody tans just brown. The Maldives Magic Blonzer is the perfect pick me up for the Le Métier De Beauté woman. This all-in-one bronzer/blush contains a unique pigment technology which adjusts to your skin tone to create the perfect complexion.

For the woman on a budget, which types of products would you as makeup artists suggest saving and splurging on?

Skin cleansers and eye makeup removers are an essential as part of your daily regimen. Amazing formulas can be found at your local pharmacies. I find that the ingredients found in these products and in high-end versions are actually quite similar. Complexion products, such as foundation and concealer, are products where there are major differences in grades of ingredients. The inexpensive counterparts tend to fall apart and add texture to the skin. Le Métier De Beauté uses very few ingredients, and only those of the highest quality, to achieve an undetectable and long wearing finish.

Which (past or present) makeup trends do you love and/or leave?

I really love to highlight and sculpt the face – also known as contouring. However, every face is different and contouring definitely takes practice. Sometimes you can actually overdo it and define the face too much. I find that most women can benefit from using blush high on the cheek in a peachy coral color (such as our Radiance Powder Rouge in Echo). It’s a great way to get an instant lift while creating brightness within the complexion.

What do you think is the most enduring beauty or makeup trend?

Throughout the years makeup trends have evolved. Still, liquid eye liner remains one of the most adaptable and timeless looks requested. Our Precision Liquid Liner is a top seller at Le Métier de Beauté. The secret is the thick base and the narrow tip which gives you the ability to expertly wield the liner and create fluid lines. Just like the experts!

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