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08-18-16 | Posted by

It’s hot out there, so the last thing you need is to blast yourself with more heat, right? And even if you do manage to blowdry your hair without breaking a sweat, the humidity will basically undo your efforts within minutes of stepping out the door. We reached out to celebrity hairstylist Nikki Providence (who’s gotten Tori Kelly, Rose McIver and Kacy Hill red-carpet ready and worked on ad campaigns for Proenza Schouler, Nordstrom and Topshop) who says, “Just thinking about turning on a blowdryer makes me melt. With the right products and techniques, you can be all set for air-dry success!”

The first step: “Get as much water out of your hair as you can—an extra-absorbent microfiber towel, paper towels or soft cotton tee shirt will get you there faster. Gently squeeze the water out of your hair without shaking it around or roughing it up, and use a wide-toothed comb to get tangles out,” Providence advises.

The product: Kérastase Spray à Porter ($36)
What it’s good for: Beachy waves
The pro says… “Beachy hair is the iconic summer style, and this product helps set waves without heat. Spray it through towel-dried hair, twist large sections into ropes and allow them to hang-dry without disturbing them. Once dry, gently comb through with your fingers and organize your waves for a textured, beachy look.”



The product: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Wonder Worker ($33)
What it’s good for: Detangling, smoothing and taming
The pro says… “This primer is great for dry hair than tends to frizz. Comb through towel-dried hair, make a center part and tuck hair behind your ears so it has a gentle wave right at your cheekbones when it dries.”


The product: Windle & Moodie Invisible Day & Night Cream ($29)
What it’s good for: Damage protection
The pro says… In addition to blowdryer heat, hair can be damaged by UV rays, friction and other environmental stress. When applied to damp hair, this multitasking moisturizing cream shields hair from damage and leaves strands smooth and shiny. It can be used on dry hair to smooth frizz and rough ends, and a little at bedtime keeps your hair from getting roughed up by your pillow.”


The product: Alterna Bamboo Beach Beach Balm for Hair ($22)
What it’s good for: Preventing color fading
The pro says… “This product shields color from damage caused by sun, chlorine and salt water, which can all contribute to dullness and color fading. Apply to damp hair, comb through for complete coverage and slick hair back into a ponytail or braid. This slightly shimmery cream helps hold the style while protecting your tresses from the elements.”


The product: DevaCurl Wave Maker ($26)
What it’s good for: Naturally wavy or curly hair
The pro says… “The entire DevaCurl line is designed to help manage naturally wavy and curly hair, and this whipped cream delivers texture, definition and frizz control. Simply apply, scrunch and squeeze to coax hair into its natural shape and let it air dry. Don’t worry if your hair gets a little wild… Nothing goes with a sundress like big hair!”




NOTE: Alterna product was purchased for review. Opinions are my own.

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