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Photo Credit: Botoxcosmetic.com


11-16-19 | Posted by

There’s National Inner Beauty Day, National Lipstick Day, National No Makeup Day and a host of other commemorative occasions, mostly celebrated on social media.

So it makes perfect sense that there’s now a National Botox Cosmetic Day. Although for some of us veterans, every day is Botox Day…

November 20, 2019 will be the first-ever such occasion. This date was chosen because it serves as the busiest day on record for booking Botox cosmetic treatments in the U.S.

To celebrate, Botox maker Allergan is offering an exclusive “buy one, get one” deal for one day only. For every $100 gift card purchased on November 20, youth seekers will get an additional $100 gift card while supplies last. Prior to November 20th, visit www.botoxcosmeticday.com to sign up for a reminder.

The brand is also partnering with actress and New York Times best-selling author Jenny Mollen as part of the celebration. In “Let’s BO-TALK,” Mollen and doctors share the moment they knew it was “BO-TIME” and how Botox Cosmetic has become a central part of their self-care. The campaign website also features shareable facts about the brand and its history plus before and after stories and photos.

Wondering what is Mollen doing for National Botox Day?

“I am getting as many gift cards as possible. It’s the best Christmas gift for girlfriends,” she tells Beauty In the Bag. “I am excited to expose my friends who haven’t gone there yet. It’s a cool way to say ‘listen, I am hooking you up.’”

What are you waiting for? Get thee to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon or wherever you get injected post haste! Those lines and wrinkles aren’t going to freeze themselves…


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