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Photo Credit: emcosmetics.com


08-17-13 | Posted by

There is something irresistible about a Michelle Phan video. Since 2007, the makeup vlogger has been sharing her makeup artist secrets on YouTube with how-to videos that help you create gorge looks from basic, natural makeup to looking like Angelina Jolie (and Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johanson, and Jennifer Lawrence).

This online phenom just launched a line of her own called em michelle phan, a makeup collection available exclusively online and backed by beauty powerhouse L’Oreal.

The collection has all the elements you would expect from a makeup artist who has made more than 267 videos with nearly one billion views and 4.5 million subscribers. But let’s talk about the name first. Em is a term of endearment in Vietnamese, which means “you” and is used to affectionately address a young girl or young woman. Perfect for a line that targets a youthful generation that spends much time online.

The em michelle phan website is a joyful presentation of the brand, which, of course, uses many videos. According to one, Michelle created the products based on questions and requests she has received over the past five years.

Natch, the products are extremely user friendly. Central to the collection is the Life Palette ($75), which features 36 refillable shades of eye, lip, and check color. The palette is available in six different themes: beach, career, night, party, day, and love. Each palette comes with recipe cards to create four different looks, like the “the girl in charge look” or “the cabana party look.” Step-by-step how-to videos for each of the 24 looks can be found on the em website. You can stick to the formula or mix and match, and do your own thing.

Photo Credit: emcosmetics.com

Photo Credit: emcosmetics.com

The palette options are well thought out to give you max versatility. I particularly like career palete, which for my money is versatile enough to take me from day to night. Each life palette is rather large, but it includes a travel case, which carries everything you need to create one look on the go.

The collection also includes powder and concealer, eye makeup, and lip colors. As you explore the website, more and more videos—about 50—are unveiled to show you how to use the makeup. I rather like “quick tips—ultimate concealer.”

The collection is charming, versatile, and user friendly. Visit emcosmetics.com and you will be entranced.

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