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02-24-09 | Posted by

face_logoIN SEARCH OF BROOKE SHIELD’S BROWSAt the risk of dating myself, remember Brooke’s brows in those 1970S Calvin Klein ads?  Where have they gone? If you have over-plucked, and your brows never grew back, bet you wish Marlene Dietrich arched brows were the rage right now.

Brows are such an important feature. They frame the eyes – and opening your arch can take a decade off. Just a little tweeze here or there can make such a big difference. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at brow shaping. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

Lightly dab brow fixative or use a clear mascara to hold brows in place. In a pinch, you can also use hair gel or Vaseline to the brow area after cleansing.


A brow pencil can be your best bet. This DIY solution can be done with the aid of a magnifying mirror every morning in literally a few minutes. Pencil in the shape of your brow by adding short natural looking strokes. You can lengthen, widen, and reshape your brows. If you use too much, wipe it off and start again. Another good option is brush on brow color in pots or powders.


Semi -permanent make-up or tattooing is a great solution if you don’t have a steady hand or can’t be bothered doing your own brows every day. The pigment is carefully placed into the skin using fine needles. Touch-ups will be needed every 2-3 years. Oilier skin types may need more frequent touch-ups. To avoid disaster (semi-permanent still means it lasts for YEARS so be careful), ask the technician to do your brows in pencil first so you make sure her aesthetics match your own.


Eyelash extensions can also be applied to the brow area to fill in bald spots or thicken up sparse areas. Fine natural hairs are placed in the gaps. This is high maintenance option but can look quite natural. 


Like hair transplants, hair folicles are taken from the scalp and applied to the brow area. The downside is that you will need to trim your brows, as it will grow like the hair on your head. Expensive too – $1500 per arch is not uncommon – but long lasting and uses your own natural hair.


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