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03-25-11 | Posted by

Life would be impossible without them, but did you know that your smartphone could be contributing to premature wrinkles? Staring and squinting at your latest text, tweet or Facebook post can lead to the need for BlackBerry Botox, according to Dr. Brian Glatt, a New Jersey City plastic surgeon.

““The trend for BlackBerry Botox is highly increasing especially among women who are addicted to gazing on their BlackBerries or iPhones all day. Peering at a small screen causes facial strain, around and between the brows, which may cause premature wrinkles on the face,” he stated.

But never fear technology dependence doesn’t have to result in unwanted lines. Dr. Glatt recommends the following steps to help prevent the need for smartphone detox.

1. Take a break – It’s important to put down or at least glance up from your smartphone regularly so that your eyes can rest.

2. Turn the light down low – Too much light and contrast can cause you to narrow your eyes to take in the brightness.

3. Enlarge the text – If you find yourself struggling to read the small text on your smartphone and start holding it so close you wrinkle your nose until it hurts, just enlarge the text by altering the text size in your phone’s settings.

4. Look after your eyes – If you can bear it, spend less time glued to your iPhone or BlackBerry. And during this timeout, take some deep breaths to relax the face into a more natural expression and gently massage the area around your eyes.

5. Don’t forget to smile – If you are experiencing stress from being constantly attached to your smartphone, just think about the potentially negative effect this is having on your youthful appearance. Then, take time to do something that relieves the tension, like playing on a fun app – this will help relax your face, soften your expression and prevent long term frown lines.

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