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05-18-18 | Posted by

Lighter than oxygen and the air we breathe, hydrogen has begun quietly throwing its weight around in the beauty and wellness worlds. The Japanese have long been drinking and bathing in water infused with this element. Korean beauty brands have embraced it as well, but only now is it starting to flow into a variety of products on this side of the world. From topical skincare to supercharged drinks, could hydrogen be the next big thing?

According to New York City dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Brauer, “There is data in the scientific literature to support the idea that molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant, and more specifically may protect cells from UVB-induced inflammation and damage, however the underlying mechanisms of action are still being determined.” Research that has been performed has been predominantly lab-based animal testing focused on hydrogen’s protective effects on the nervous system and lives. So when it comes to the skin, what’s Dr. Brauer’s opinion? “More research is warranted.”

Until we get a definitive answer about hydrogen’s effects on the skin and beyond, it’s safe to say that it can’t hurt—and if you want to do a little testing of your own, here are a few options to try…

Perricone MD H2Elemental Energy
This advanced line of skincare includes a serum, moisturizer, eye gel and week-long skin-boosting treatment—all infused with encapsulated hydrogen. Designed to re-energize dull, sluggish skin, these products promise to deliver more radiant, revitalized skin in as little as one week.


Dr. Jart Dermaclear
Harnessing the power of hydrogen-infused mineral water to cleanse and purify the skin, this range consists of a foaming cleanser, cleansing water, makeup remover pads and collection of clay-based masks. In addition to providing gentle exfoliation, these products refresh and revive the skin with a bevy of botanical extracts that work to tone and brighten while whisking away dirt, debris, makeup and other impurities. P.S. The individually-wrapped makeup remover wipes are ideal for when you’re traveling and on the go.


This entire product line features a patented water rich in active hydrogen and hydroxyl ions to provide a surge of hydration and antioxidants that helps prevent and improve visible signs of skin aging. With offerings for brightening and skin repair that span the skincare spectrum from cleansers and moisturizers to masks and a splurge-worthy ampoule regimen with peptides, epidermal growth factors and more, these hydrogen-infused products pack a powerful punch.

Hale Cosmeceuticals H2 Rapid Diffusion($80)
Formulated to fight free radicals with hydrogen, quell inflammation with turmeric and intensely hydrate with hyaluronic acid, this lightweight multi-tasking moisturizer simultaneously shields skin from damage as it goes to work on already-visible signs of aging.



HTWO Hydrogen Water
This purified water is spiked with elemental hydrogen for a sugar-, additive- and caffeine-free energy boost that purportedly helps you work out longer and harder with less fatigue and recovery time. When ingested prior to hitting the gym, the hydrogen acts like fuel for your cells and helps minimize the post-workout build-up of lactic acid—which means you can go for the burn without feeling sore the next day.



Note: HTWO was provided for review. All other products were purchased or sampled in-store. All opinions are my own.

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