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06-01-10 | Posted by

By Guest Bag Lady Diane Essig

The recession is over! Now is the time to invest in precious metals–platinum specifically. Why? For the lasting dividend of youthful-looking, luminous skin.

The La Prairie Spa has expanded its repertoire to include the ultimate in anti-aging facials, incorporating the line of Platinum Rare products into a decadent, pampering, 90-minute experience in the most luxurious of settings. (In my case, the spa in the Ritz Carlton on Central Park South in New York.) From start to finish, two specialists provide a complete head-to-toe experience designed to invigorate and rejuvenate. While one therapist tends to the facial skin–gently cleansing, misting, exfoliating and hydrating–the second provides soothing treatments to hands, arms, legs and feet, massaging away all tension and stress. (What an ideal gift for the woman in your life–hear ye, hear ye husbands and sons!)

Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted and encouraged to relax in the lounge. There I was provided with fresh fruit-infused water (yummy!) along with healthy snacks (we all do need energy to relax, after all), and to set the tone, an extensive playlist from which I could preselect music to accompany my treatment (no hard rock here).

After a thorough questioning of my skin care concerns and an examination of my face, the session began with a comfortable, cleansing massage and application of soothing caviar eye pads. (At the same time, my feet were soaking in a smoothing, emollient bath.)  Following a mild exfoliation treatment, several masks were applied alternately to hydrate and energize the skin. (My decolletage and extremities received the same indulgences.) The pinnacle was the application of the Cellular Serum Platinum Rare, Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare and Cellular Cream Platinum Rare. All include colloidal platinum to help preserve youthful-looking skin. The claim is that pure platinum maintains electrical  balance, and this helps tighten skin, restore moisture and protect against damage. In addition, fine lines are minimized, slack tissue is tightened and dull skin is brightened.

When the facial was complete, my skin glowed!

The session ended with a relaxing scalp massage, and an offer to indulge in a post-treatment snack (for additional energy to actually walk out) and champagne (a bit too early for me). The estheticians were consummate professionals, well-trained to meet a client’s every need in a discrete, professional manner.

The Platinum Rare Facial can be pricey (at $410 for 1 1/2 hrs.) but it is definitely worth it! Two therapists + almost full body treatment (not just the face) + Platinum Rare products + extras = Sound skin care investment.

Run, don’t walk to get your Platinum Rare Facial at a La Prairie Spa. (Gift certificates are a perfect option!) If finances won’t allow such an indulgence, there are several other ways, albeit less expensive, to partake in the thoughtful, comprehensive care of a La Prairie service. Do visit their website.


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