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10-24-16 | Posted by

Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder recently teamed up with integrative medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, to pen Radical Beauty How To Transform Yourself from the Inside Out, a new book on how to achieve an inner and an outer glow. Snyder sat down with Beauty in the Bag to discuss the new book, why it’s so radical and to share some of what she learned from Chopra.

BITB: How did you come up with the title Radical Beauty?  

KS: “We’re redefining beauty to be an empowering, attainable concept for all women and people, versus the limited, shallow concept that is often circulated. Radical Beauty has nothing to do with trendy makeup, fleeting fads, or insecure comparisons with other women. Instead, Radical Beauty extends beyond the physical, encompassing all parts of your inner and outer being, including your overall health, confidence, vitality and connection to your true self.

You achieve Radical Beauty when you reach the highest and most authentic potential of your natural true beauty, which is a birthright for each and every one of us. “

BITB: What are the six pillars of healthy living and where do most of us fall short?

KS: “The six pillars of beautiful living principles include: Internal Nourishment/Diet, External Nourishment/Skincare, Beauty Sleep, Primal Beauty/Connecting with Nature, Movement, and Spiritual Beauty.

Each pillar is packed with beauty-enhancing tips and takeaways, effective tools, innovative daily routines, DIY skincare masks and delicious food ideas. Our goal was to create a groundbreaking and uplifting book that offers cutting edge information on metabolic health, beauty-boosting circulation methods and anti-aging skincare regimes – and offers tools to let go of comparing ones’ beauty with others, meditate and find peace with oneself, which ultimately allows us all to claim our own natural beauty’s highest potential.

I think most of us fall short as far as not acknowledging that all aspects of a lifestyle influence true beauty- not just one, such as skincare. “

 BITB: Share something you do every day to look as good as you feel?

 KS: “I start each morning (while I’m nursing these days!) by meditating for at least 10 minutes, but ideally closer to 30. My intention for each day is to be present, to accept today and the now, and stay peaceful with whatever comes up.”

BITB: Is there one thing Dr. Chopra taught you that you would care to share?

KS: “Deepak says, ‘Your selfie is not yourself’, which is a great reminder to all of us. If you want to be truly beautiful, joyful and peaceful you need to focus on building your beauty from the inside out. “

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