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08-25-15 | Posted by

Most men don’t talk about skin care or grooming products with their buddies the way that women do with theirs, but that doesn’t mean men don’t care – they just may not know who to ask.

We asked Washington,DC-based dermatologist Terrence Keaney, M.D., to tell us what he keeps in his shower caddy and to share tips for men who may be grooming-challenged.



Lathering Up

“Because men typically produce more oil and sweat, they are very sensitive to tactile sensations produced by skincare products and soaps,” he says. “Any soap that leaves a residue or makes a men’s skin feel oilier should be avoided.”

Keaney’s pick: Choose for-men-only soaps such as Dove Men+Care. “These soaps treat excess oil on male skin without leaving a residue.”

Facial cleansers should be targeted toward oily skin, but tread lightly, he says. “Men have a tendency to scrub their face and body more, which can be irritating,” he says. “Do not wash the face more than two or three times a day, as over washing can dry out skin and cause irritation.”

Scented or not?

Anyone with sensitive skin should use unscented products, he says. “However, if you don’t have sensitive skin, I do recommend skincare products with fragrances because it will serve as an incentive for men to use their skincare products regularly,” he explains. “Men are not used to using skincare products often and those patients who enjoy their product’s scent provides are more apt to make it part of their daily routine, which will help them achieve better-looking skin.”

Pre-Shave Prep Work

“Every man has a different need when it comes to shaving – some men experience in-grown hairs, while other don’t,” he says. “When it comes to shaving the most important thing is the pre-shave preparation.”

Keaney’s pick: “Prep the skin by washing the face ideally in the shower prior to shaving so you remove any oil and debris from the skin and soften the hairs for a smoother shave,” Keaney says.

More Shaving Savvy

“Choose a lubricating cream that will properly lather on the face creating a barrier between the blade and the skin to help reduce friction,” he says.

Razor choice also matters. “For men who experience skin irritation often it is most likely happening because you are getting too close of a shave,” he says.

Keaney’s pick: “Single blades or straight razors may be preferred to avoid bumps and any skin irritation.,” he says. “If a single blade is still causing irritation, men can try an electric razor.”

When to shave is a personal preference, he adds. “Men can shave either in the shower or five minutes after assuming you washed your face in the shower,” Keaney says. “If you have particularly sensitive skin, I would recommend using a hot towel after showers to warm the hairs and face even further.”

Hair Care

Don’t just grab what’s in the shower, he says. “You really want a product that doesn’t irritate the scalp and skin,” he says. “Among my patients, most men are concerned with hair loss.  Hair loss is easier to prevent rather than correct.”

Keaney’s pick: “I recommend shampoos that help prevent hair loss like the Hair Care For Men Thickening Shampoo,” he says.  “It  can help make your hair stronger and more resilient – it’s ideal for all men.

No Sweat

“Men sweat more than women, so I would recommend all men use an antiperspirant, as it will help reduce the amount of sweat,” he says.

Keaney’s pick: Antiperspirants can be irritating to the skin, so look for one with moisturizing technology – like the Dove Men+Care line, which offers long-lasting odor and wetness protection,” he says. “I would recommend the stick since it is more effective at delivering the antiperspirant, which will help you sweat less.”

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