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Posted by 03.04.09



PREVAGE BODY TOTAL TRANSFORMING ANTI-AGING MOISTURIZER-  The Allergan/Elizabeth Arden version of Prevage contatins 0.5% idebenone which is only half the amount that is in Prevage MD, available only through doctors’ offices. This cream  is great for sun damaged arms and legs and speckled chests. It revives dry skin and adds resiliency to dull, slack and old looking skin. The large silver tube is nicely luxurious, and the consistency and texture make this a winner.  I like the Prevage range and although I wouldnt say it was miraculous, these products are very popular with women of a certain age who look after their skin.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – Gorgeous body cream that works for every body part, but I wish it weren’t so pricey though because you will be tempted to use a lot of it.  At $135 for 6.8 ounces, you are going to want to use it sparingly.

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