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Photo Credit: Immunocologie

Posted by 11.23.10

PRODUCT: Immunocologie Eye Repair Treatment Creme

I'm a bit jaded when it comes to new skincare treatments. Been there, done that. But the Immunocology line with its claim of being the "first ever skin-care formulation to work in cooperation with the skin's immune system," really caught my attention. So I started out small and tried the line's Eye Repair Treatment Creme ($125) - and lo and behold, I liked it, I really liked it.

As with any good product, the first quality to seduce me is tactile. It has a rich, sorbet like texture that applies smoothly. Rich with emollients, it melts into the skin, feeling very nurturing without being sticky. And to my nose, it's completely scent free - no perfume, no masking scent for icky odors - such a relief for someone who can react easily to overpowering fragrances. Overall, the cream's focus on repair and free radical suppression suits my concerns about wrinkles and shadows extremely well.

The scientific basis of the entire Immunocology line is called BioFirm, a unique fermentation process said to support the Langerhans cells, which comprise the defense matrix of the epideris. Now I can't attest for how the Eye Repair Treatment Creme interacts bio-chemically with my immune system, but it did leave my eye area well moisturized, brighter and perfectly prepped for concealer and shadow.


Would you buy it again? YES

Would you recommend it to a friend? YES

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