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05-01-12 | Posted by

British cult-makeup brand Illamasqua is seeking beauties who defy age to feature in its upcoming “Beauty Before Age” ad campaign. It is accepting nominations now on Illamasqua.com from women who surpass the cultural norm and never let age define them. You can nominate yourself, mother, aunt, grandmother or any strong person in your life to be part of the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign.

In addition to individuals, the Illamasqua crew seeks cross-generational pairs such as mother/daughter, niece/aunt and even grandmother/grandson who embody the theme of beauty without limits.

Illamasqua is all about self-expression – great big empowering self expression of all ages, races and creeds. And for its next ad campaign, the unlimited ethos of Illamasqua is breaking the unspoken barrier of age.

Nominations are open now for the photo shoot that will take place in late May. Nominees must be available on May 23 and May 24to travel to London for the photo shoot. Travel and expenses will be covered. Nominate yourself or someone else at www.illamasqua.com/beauty-before-age.

In return, all those featured in the campaign will receive $800; a new Illamasqua make-up kit worth $800 and a framed photo of yourself like you’ve never looked like before.

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