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06-29-12 | Posted by

It all started because of one woman’s quest for lipstick that eschewed potentially harmful chemicals but also performed like the big guys. In 2011, Ilia founder Sasha Plavsic launched her own line of 6 Tinted Lip Conditioners that boasted up to 85% certified organic ingredients as well as fabulous shades.

The Vancouver, Canada native is now expanding the Ilia collection with more lip as well as cheek color options, including a Multi-Purpose Lip to Cheek Stick ($34). Simplifying beauty routines, but with great color is at the heart of these launches.

“Women should feel a complete shift with the use of only a couple products. A lipstick and Illuminator can go a long way in creating a fresh, revitalized look instantly,” Ms. Plavsic said.

The new Ilia Lipstick ($24) collection boasts a formula with more coverage than the Lip Conditioners, but is still loaded with moisture, which Ms. Plavsic says is a trademark of the brand. With great names like Humble Me and Funnel of Love, the six shades include a true-nude, peachy-nude, pinky-nude, fiery-red, punchy magenta and rich burgundy-wine.

The company says that the new Illuminator is the collection’s new star product, but I beg to differ, suggesting you check out the Multi-Purpose Lip to Cheek Stick. It features four hues – warm watermelon, hot tangerine, saturated sienna and washed pink – that work to give cheeks, lips and even eyes a sheer blush of color. The Illuminator ($34) features a non-tinted version to bring radiance to cheekbones, brows and the inner eye, as well as a bronze bronze version that highlights with a sun kissed glow.

With lips being Ilia’s anchor, the new launches also include two new shades of the Tinted Lip Conditioner ($24) – red coral and peachy coral – as well as a clear Lip Conditioner ($24) and a Lip Exfoliator ($24) made with volcanic stone.

Ilia products are available at edgy retail venues like Carrots in San Francisco and Woodley & Bunny in New York City, and, of course on the Ilia website.



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