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01-13-12 | Posted by

Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Edward James Olmos, Bill Murray… Acne scars can show up in many shapes and sizes, from deep to shallow and even raised. They are often unsightly and painful memories of breakouts gone awry, made worse by the fact that most of these scars are almost impossible to camouflage with makeup. Artefill, the long lasting injectable filler, can be a welcome solution for treating acne scars.

Suneva Medical will be starting a 150-patient multi-center study to learn more the effect of Artefill on acne scars. According to Santa Monica Dermatologist and study investigator Dr. Ava Shamban, “Artefill is a great solution for my regular filler patients who want to correct facial wrinkles with natural, long-lasting results and we are optimistic about its effectiveness in treating patients with acne scarring.” The first patients will be enrolled in February 2012.

The type of acne scars that are best treated with a dermal filler like Artefill tend to be depressed or pushed in and include rolling, boxcar and ice pick scars. Rolling scars have a shallow wavelike appearance on the surface of the skin. Boxcar scars, also called chicken pox scars (think Richard Burton and Robert Redford), tend to appear mainly on the cheeks. Ice pick scars can look like an angry bird has been pecking at your skin. One of the main advantages of Artefill over other fillers on the market is longevity. It is possible that after one or two injection sessions with Artefill, acne scars can disappear and blend in with your normal skin for good.

“Acne scars are the result of an over abundance of collagen deep under the skin where the inflammation of acne occurs, so the scars tend to be within the skin and not just on the surface, which makes them difficult to treat. Artefill is the only permanent solution available in the U.S. to deal with this complex problem that affects so many people,” said New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc. “Artefill’s ability to stimulate new collagen may potentially be a game changer for this indication.”

To find a doctor who offers Artefill near you, visit artefill.com.


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