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12-20-09 | Posted by

Murad Small 

Meet the Anti-Aging Guru

As Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad Inc., Dr. Howard Murad is best known for changing the face of skincare and anti-aging through The Science of Cellular Water™. A leading visionary in the fields of skincare and dermatology, Dr. Murad pioneered innovative treatment concepts that are now commonplace; among them, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Antioxidants, Infusion Technology, Pomegranate and Durian. The author of The Murad Method (2003), Wrinkle-Free Forever (2004) The Cellulite Solution (2005) will release his fourth book, The Water Principle, in 2010. This year he celebrates 20 years since the founding of Murad, Inc. 


Congrats on your 20th anniversary! How has the Murad brand changed over the last 2 decades?

Thank you! I founded Murad with a vision of bridging the gap between science based medical care and what was more of a comfort or indulgence focused esthetic care. I’m proud that our pursuit of that larger mission has fueled a movement that has transformed esthetic care into an opportunity for meaningful treatment.  Consumers can now expect real results from skincare products.  To meet the needs of our customers, during the past twenty years the Murad brand has expanded to 88 consumer and 45 professional products that offer targeted care for specific skin concerns.  Murad is still defining the leading edge of treatment experience and that pursuit of innovation continues to transform the industry.

What is the Murad philosophy – from the man and for the brand?

I believe that healthy beautiful skin is something that anyone can achieve and everyone deserves.  My research into The Science of Cellular Water is at the heart of everything we make at Murad because promoting and protecting health at the cellular level is how we create a youthful appearance.  We also believe that it is our mission is to make skin more beautiful by making people happier and healthier as whole beings – not just as patients with problems. We don’t believe in treating acne – we believe in helping people with acne to have healthy, beautiful clear skin.   We don’t believe in just reducing wrinkles – we believe in helping women with age related skin issues to have healthy, younger looking skin.

Our Inclusive approach to care is the philosophy we’ve developed to achieve that goal of promoting and protecting health.  It creates an overlapping system that provides supporting through external care, internal care and emotional self-care, it guides the development of our products and our integrative treatment protocols.

What are your best selling products?

Murad’s best selling products are from our Resurgence and Acne lines. In addition to products in those lines, our treatment products (products that are labeled step 2) are best sellers as they target consumer’s individual skin concerns (like acne blemishes, wrinkles, hyperpigementation, fine lines, etc).
You wrote The Cellulite Solution and Wrinkle Free Forever — can you distill one or both into your top 5 skincare tips?

I have always had a passion for educating both the esthetic professional and empowering people to take control of their own health. That is what motivated me to write my first  books and is fueling my drive to complete my next book which will be out in Fall 2010.  In that spirit of empowerment, five classic, simple skincare tips include:

  1. To stay truly hydrated, make sure water is in what you eat – not just what you drink
  2. Use moisturizer with a broad based sunscreen every day
  3. Smile
  4. Get plenty of sleep
  5. Wash your face and moisturize every night before bed

How can the average person control the aging process? 

A healthy and youthful complexion is a reflection of total wellness.  Practicing Inclusive Health provides your body the opportunity to build youthful vitality at the cellular level.  By Inclusive Health, I mean optimizing your internal, external and emotional environments to protect and promote cellular health.  This gives your body and spirit will have the best opportunity to thrive.  Make sure to focus on internal care like nutrition – proper diet and supplements, topical care – using appropriate skincare and emotional self care – work out, exercise, reduce cultural stress – build connections and community and focus on things you like to do.

Your personal strategy for making your skin look younger depends on your type of skin and what specific factors are involved in the type of aging you are experiencing.  The three principal types of aging are: Genetic Aging, Hormonal Aging , and Environmental Aging.  You need to make sure that you are using products that target your primary aging concern.
Murad offers comprehensive regimens for each type of aging.  In addition to the appropriate targeted topical products, cell-building internal supplements are a critical component of your campaign to make your skin look as young as possible because they help your body to rebuild the 80% of your skin that topical products can’t reach.  And finally, take care of yourself emotionally – get the rest you need, have fun and get massages or facials or what ever you need to relax and take your stress down a notch.  Stress is a close second to UV for damaging your skin and making you appear prematurely old. 
What is the best method to control acne?

Twice daily use of a cleansing, treatment, moisturizing regimen with quality topical products is key to healing your skin and maintaining your skin which is how to control acne and breakouts.  Your second line of defense is internal skincare – by giving your body what it needs to build the strong cells that are the foundation of healthy skin you can make a big difference in preventing blemishes and inflammation.  Supplements like Murad’s Pure Skin that include ingredients like Vitamin A, Yellow Dock, Burdock and Zinc that help regulate oil production, inflammation  and cell turn over in your skin.

Also, avoid picking blemishes. This can make your blemishes appear worse then they really are and can spread bacteria to non-infected areas. And remember that even if you have oily acne prone skin you need to use a daily moisturizer – I see so many patients that forget this very important rule! 
What is the most important and least heeded advice when it comes to skin?

Hydration isn’t about drinking your water, but about eating your water.  To help your skin and your cells, you need to have high amounts of structured water (which can be found in raw fruits and vegetables).  Eating your water will ensure that you are keeping the water in your cells and will keep your skin more youthful giving it a healthy glow from the inside out!

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