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04-30-12 | Posted by

Every celeb in the spotlight knows that lashes are THE must-have beauty accessory and it appears that even London girls about town are donning strip lashes on an average day for a bit of extra POP! Who needs a special occasion?!

If we look back to the style icons of the past, they can all be remembered for their seductive long lashes. Elizabeth Taylor’s thick black lashes framed her distinctive deep violet eyes; Audrey Hepburn coyly batted hers in Breakfast at Tiffanys and Sophia Loren’s sultry flutter mesmerized a generation.

It would appear the stars of 2012 are no different as lash trends are proving as popular as ever. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are renowned for their oversized and outrageous colorful lashes, taking the summer colour-blocking trend to a new level. Cheryl Cole, Eva Longoria, and J.Lo tend to go for statement eyes that are perfectly defined and the gorgeous Megan Fox appears to be a fan of individually applied lashes.

Photo Credit: citygeisha.com

If you fancy fluttering your peepers like the A-listers, armed with some handy hints from the BITB team, stealing their style couldn’t be easier! But before you stock up on supplies make sure you have these all important top tips to hand. Remember, applying false eyelashes perfectly takes some practice – the more you do it, the easier and quicker it is. Simply follow the four steps below for gorgeous, long-lasting lashes:

  1. Firstly, it is important to measure the false lash against your lash line and neatly trim accordingly for a perfect fit and maximum comfort.
  2. To ensure the false lash holds on to the natural curve of your eyelid, carefully wrap the eyelash strip around your finger for a minute or so to create a slightly arched shape.
  3. Precisely apply eyelash adhesive to the base of the strip using the back end of your tweezers (cotton buds can leave traces of wool that irritate the eye). Applying the adhesive directly from the tube can be very messy and you only need a touch. Apply a very thin layer of glue to ensure the strip lash does not slide around once placed on your natural lash line. Wait until the glue starts to go a bit tacky for ease of application.
  4. Hold one end of the strip lash with your fingertips and the other with tweezers then carefully place directly onto the eyelid, starting from the inner corners of the eye, as close to the lash line as possible. For extra comfort, use eyelash curlers to bind your natural lashes to the false lashes 1-2 minutes after the adhesive has dried.

Now all you need to do is experiment with styles that suit you! At BITB, we suggest checking out the fab range of top-notch, professional-grade strip lashes from eyelash guru, Alison Francis. Known to UK beauty directors as ‘the lash lady’ and with 21 years of lash experience behind her, Alison knows a thing or two about framing your eyes. From ‘Feather Luxe’ and ‘Supernatural Gazer’ to ‘Hollywood Flare’ and ‘Cabaret Cross’, there is a style to suit everyone and for every occasion, even if it’s just a BIG day at the office! Prices starting from £5.95.

Love from London

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