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Your go-to easy summer hairstyle doesn’t have to be a pulled back pony. Tousled beachy waves are a summer style staple for a reason–it looks great on almost any hair length and it is easier than ever to get right.

There are different ways to this look. You might want your waves to be big, voluminous and vavava-voom waves or you might prefer something a bit closer to the head and somewhat tamed. Maybe the look you want is something in between. Depending on your hair type, your personal style preferences and your mood that day, you’ll need to experiment a bit to make sure you achieve the beachy-waves look of your dreams.



  1. It can be as effortless as spraying your sea salt product on damp hair and scrunching away to discover untapped potential or boost your own natural waves.
  2. You can spritz it on damp hair before bed and keep it loosely braided until morning when dry. Gently loosen and finger comb. This works on straight hair to add some texture and on wavy or curly hair to add some order and consistency to your waves.
  3. Chaz Dean, Los Angeles based stylist and founder of WEN by Chaz Dean, likes to boost hair before bed or refresh second-day hair by doing the following:
  • Separate your hair in sections, 2 at the crown and 3 at the perimeter of your head (or more for extra texture).
  • Once separated, spritz each section of hair with WEN® Replenishing Treatment Mist and twist up in buns, using loose hair ties.
  • In the morning, take down your buns, spray more Replenishing Treatment Mist to your locks, gently tousle and let air-dry.

DIY Sea Salt Spray Recipe: You can make your own sea salt spray by mixing a few simple ingredients that you might already have on hand. You’ll need a spray bottle, 1-2 teaspoons of finely ground sea salt, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite lightweight leave-in conditioner, just a touch of pomade and 3 – 5 drops of your favorite, deliciously scented essential oil. Shake well to combine and shake again before every use.

Here, 3 over-the-counter standout sea spray options:

Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist ($22) smells incredible. It’s formulated with botanical moisturizers, Orchid and Kukui oils, Sea Salt and Aloe Vera for gorgeous volume, shine, softness and bombshell waves. Safe for color and keratin treated hair.



John Masters Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender ($16.50) is a certified organic hair mist containing water, sea salt and lavender oil. Simply spritz on for added texture and volume. The lavender oil it contains will also help protect the hair shaft from damage and regulate the scalp.

Sea Spray

Sea Spray

Sun Bum Beach Formula Sea Spray ($15) is rich in Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt, Sea Kelp and Seaweed to boost volume and texture. It gives you strand separation, prevents frizz and even protects against environmental sun damage that can impair hair and fade color.



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