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The age of your skin actually has very little to do with your birthdate. You can be old and have young skin; in fact, many clever women do just that. You can also be young and have prematurely aged skin.


The twenties are about setting up a sturdy foundation for a lifetime of smart skin care. The epidermis renews itself every twenty-eight to thirty days, but changes are taking place underneath that will reveal themselves when you least expect them. The top layer of dead skin cells becomes slightly thicker and you may see crow’s feet and small furrows in the brow. Your number one anti-aging product is a daily dose of SPF 30. Since you haven¹t yet seen much evidence of sun damage, it may be tempting to skip it, but the earlier you start, the more damage you can prevent. Consistent daily use of Lancome Soleil DNA Guard Protective Face Cream will help keep wrinkles and brown spots at bay. Retinol based products and antioxidants should be also applied daily. If acne spots are still a problem, Clinique Anti Blemish 3-Step Solutions System is as close as you can get to a dermatologist in a bottle.


Your 30s are the decade when cell turnover starts to slow down. Skin can look dull and collagen and elastin start to diminish, resulting in a loss of firmness. Your first hints of sun damage will begin to escalate into visible changes. The lines between the nose and the mouth deepen. Forehead furrows multiply, and you can see where creases will become permanent. Brown spots show up, cell turnover slows down, and fibroblasts get lazy. Daily SPF should be high priority to keep your skin radiant and even in colour. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF55 protects again the daily assault of free radicals. To get a temporary effect like wrinkle injections, Lancôme Renergie Refill 5X enriched with elastin works by gently stimulating collagen synthesis and softening lines and wrinkles.


In your 40s, pigmentation problems arise from sun exposure. Broken capillaries increase along with fine lines around your eyes, forehead, and mouth. Lips shrink and the corners of your mouth tend to turn down. Wrinkles settle in and get comfortable. Loss of firmness ­ especially around your jaw line ­ appears as you approach 50. Eyes require special attention. DDF Biomolecular Firming Eye Serum targets all the signs of ageing around the eyelid area, includes puffiness, dark circles, and crow¹s feet. Exfoliation is crticial to even-out skin tone, slough away debris, and improve texture and clarity. Clinique Turnaround 15 Minute Facial offers a gentle version of a clinical microdermabrasion treatment to remove dead cells and reveal brighter-looking skin.


Collagen is the skin¹s vital building block that helps maintain its resiliency and smoothness. The post-menopause estrogen slump weakens collagen and causes slackening and your neck begins to get crepey. Skin loses thickness and support structure, fine lines on the cheeks become deeper etched lines and age spots cluster and darken. Oil glands are less productive so your skin becomes drier, and you tend to tan less evenly and burn more easily. Wrinkles and skin slackening can be helped with a daily dose of the concentrated Perricone MD Amine Complex Facelift. For night time, Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Night Cream has eight hours for its antioxidants to do their magic for restoring skin vitality.


Women in their 60s will have some loose, sagging skin, usually most visibly along the jawline and neck. Skin cells have 30% less natural moisture than when you were younger, so you are noticeably drier, thinner, and tight. Lack of moisture also contributes to slow cell turnover and repair, and discolorations (brown spots and red veins) may turn up as a result of sun damage. Wrinkles extend to well beyond the eye and mouth areas. Treat yourself to a sumptuous anti-aging cream that increases hydration and keeps skin supple and illuminated. Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Crème is brimming with the antioxidant resveratrol derived from the skin of red grapes. A course of intense pulse light treatments (IPL) will lighten brown spots, minimize redness and improve skin texture and tone.

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  1. MIC Says:

    EL Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Creme is wonderfully rich and moisturizing. If you can’t afford, try Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream – only $30.

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