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It’s true:not all hand creams are created equal.And at this time of year,you need the best,given all the washing,gift-wrapping,sliding into mittens and gloves,and catching snowflakes that the season demands.Luckily,the hand care options are many,as are their delightful scents.Girly hand creams make great gifts for family and friends,but are also a nice treat for yourself.In fact,I keep a hand cream in my handbag at all times,along with a powder compact,moisturizer,lipstick,blotting paper,and eyeliner.Here are some to consider as gifts because they not only look good,but smell good as well:Hand Cream($30)

What I love about this brand is that it REALLY understand hand cream. The C&E Gardner’s Hand Therapy is now iconic, and with good reason. It promises to ease calluses and dry skin, and this trio of hand creams follows its footsteps. The sampler consists of unique scent pairings: avocado olive and basil; Tarocco orange, eucalyptus, and sage; and citron honey and coriander, all nestled in an elegant fruit-patterned box, ribbon ,and gift tag. It’s a great gift for the hostess, or anyone who needs hand TLC.

TokyoMilk Gin & Rosewater Hand Cream ($20)

Tokyomilk Hand Cream

This unusually-fragranced cream is called “Gin and Rosewater” but it contains notes of mandarin, Japanese green tea, mimosa bark, and dandelion in addition to moisture-rich shea butter. The result is a well-balanced blend with no notes overtly voiced, and that’s what I love about it. It is also extremely gentle and the packaging is quite sumptuous, as is typically the case with Tokyomilk.

Essence of Beauty Hand Creams ($6.99 each)

Hand Cream from Essence of Beauty

Essence of Beauty has many seasonally-appropriate scents to  offer, from Snowy Apple to Vanilla Wishes. These are 1.75 oz tubes, so they are TSA-friendly and last only for pretty much a single journey, but the investment is well worth it. The formulation consists of sunflower, avocado oils and there is a money back guarantee if you dislike it. My favorite is the Snowy Apple, a wintery, fruity blend of apple, orange, pineapple, florals, pear, osmanthus, and sweet vanilla.

Lollia In Love Classic Petal Hand Cream ($25)

Lollia Hand Cream

The box is itself a reason to buy this gently-scented hand cream, which has notes of jasmine and rose, as well as macademia nut oils. Jasmine is a soothing scent that is ideal right before bedtime, and it’s quite fragrant enough to stay put for a while.






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