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Posted by 09.29.08


KERASTASE CHROMA REFLECT A brilliant anti-color fade range for processed hair that is dry and fried from chemicals and flat iron overkill. This is a splurge for highlighted hair in need of emergency TLC. Smells amazing and leaves your hair with an all day long sheen and fragrance – and oh so soft. We love this stuff!

FINAL VERDICT: (RDW) Run Don’t Walk – The experts at Kerastase know their way around all types of hair, no matter how damaged. Look for the Chroma Reflect range in the deep fuschia bottles and jars.

3 Responses to “HIGHLIGHTS OF MY LIFE”

  1. Smuppyhanimum Says:

    My name is Jessika!

  2. Tom Morgoaria Says:

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  3. gwg Says:

    This is a great conditioner for me. I pair it with the Kerastase Bain Miroir #2. The only reason why I don’t rate it RDW is that the tub is a pain in the butt when using it in the shower. Wet hands, water running, having to open up the tub and haul a bit out. It also isn’t something that you can travel well with. Having said that, I love, love, love this conditioner. It is marketed as a “treatment”, but it really is just a more intense conditioner in my opinion. Like the Kerastase shampoo, it doesn’t come cheap, but it is worth it. It seems to be about $50 for a pot.

    I say GGI. This could be rated as a “save your money” if you think that the price of a conditioner shouldn’t be this expensive, but after years of trying to get something cheaper that didn’t work for me, I am willing to pay the price.

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