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08-22-13 | Posted by

Bromance is in the air. Just think of the current wave of buddy films like The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson or the hilarious This Is the End with James Franco and just about every other boyish star in Hollywood.

The Bromance phenomenon has not gone unnoticed by marketers. Azzaro fragrances has picked up the trend with the launch of Chrome United (1.7 oz., $56), a new scent inspired by the enduring friendships between men, which unlike the bonds between women, have never been as celebrated as now.

But Azzaro is no stranger to placing great value on buds. The original Chrome fragrance, launched in 1996, was inspired by the generational links between a father and son, grandfather and grandson. A fresh, woody, aquatic fragrance, the original Chrome has always been a fave of mine, and recognized by others as a great example of the woody/aquatic fragrance note connection.

The Chrome United advertising campaign

The Chrome United advertising campaign

Chrome United expands on that fragrance theme by uniting woody and aromatic elements. Its notes include: Sichuan pepper, coriander, bergamot, Ceylon black tea, violet leaf, white musk, and cedar wood. “Chrome United adds something new to the fresh and woody category,” said BenoÎt Guerin, marketing director of Azzaro Fragrances.

Loris Azzaro, the late fashion designer who shook up the French couturier world in the 70s with his ornate beading and daring cutouts, introduced his first fragrance in 1975. Chrome is a lasting legacy dedicated to family, friends, and meaningful ties. Chrome United is an easy to wear scent that men of all ages will enjoy.

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