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12-30-14 | Posted by

The future of dermatology just may be in your pocket. Perhaps indirectly linked to the advent of Obamacare sweeping the nation, a cool crop of modern skin diagnosing apps is changing the way we take care of our skin for the better.

For a nominal fee without all the endless paperwork, complex electronic medical records (EMR), and waiting times. In fact, you can get a prescription faxed to your local pharmacy within 48 hours to treat a nasty dermatitis, psoriasis outbreak, nail fungus, poison ivy, and many other common skin problems.  This new wave of dermatology apps promise that your medical data and personal details will be encrypted and transmitted securely to their doctors confidentially, and they abide by HIPAA regulations.

Another twist on this uber popular theme is getting customized skin care recommendations right from leading doctors who preselected some of the top brands based on their expertise with their own patients.  Enter SKINBETTER.





SKINBETTER– A co-venture between ALLURE and Canfield Scientific, SkinBetter’s unique technology allows you to upload a selfie for a high powered analysis to create your own skin profile. Then based on what the camera sees underneath and on the surface of your skin, it spits out a treatment plan designed just for your skin condition. So, if you’ve got too much oil gland activity around your nose or dry patches on your forehead, or pigmentation from years of sun damage, SkinBetter will tell you exactly what dermatologist-approved products to use to get healthier, younger, smoother, firmer, and all around better skin. You can purchase these products on the site directly – which saves time, and their special offers can save you money too. Brands featured include some of the best selling dermatologist-recommended labels , such as SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, PCASkin, Clarisonic, eltaMD, drBrandt, iS Clinical, and more.





KLARA – This user-friendly streamlined app makes it easy to get a diagnosis and treatment electronically – and super fast. You can consult a board certified dermatologist simply by uploading a photo and describing your skin problem by answering a brief questionnaire that was developed by university clinics and dermatologists. KLARA then pairs you with one of their prescreened board certified dermatologists who monitors your condition (24/7). Each consultation is billed at a $39 flat fee. The founders Simon Bols and Simon Lorenz are based in NY and Berlin (yes, they are both named Simon!) The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.





YODERM – This clever mobile-optimized digital platform offers consultations with board-certified dermatologists, exclusively to treat acne. A consultation is $59 period. You submit your consultation – medical history and photos – and get your prescription acne medication from one of their listed board-certified dermatologists in your state in a day or two at the most. Plus, YoDerm offers you the ability to message your new dermatologist directly if you have a follow up question. No waiting for weeks to get an appointment, no co-pays, approvals needed or long forms to fill out. If your insurance covers acne prescriptions, you can use it to get your Rx filled. We love the name too – Yo, Derm!





SKINMDNOW offers a virtual consultation with a board certified Dermatologist. You upload a photo of the area you are concerned about – like a mole on your shoulder or a spot on your inner thigh, for example. Then you can select any Dermatologist that is licensed to practice in the state where you live, or in which you are currently, based on their fees or special areas of expertise. The Dermatologist will respond within 48 hours with a diagnosis based on your photo and information, and formulate a treatment plan to you. You will get the diagnosis and treatment plan by email, and the Dermatologist can fax a prescription to your pharmacy, if needed. Clearly this app is not intended for emergencies when you are better off heading to the nearest ER. The app is Free and available on Google Play, Apple iTunes, or use the dedicated website.

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