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06-22-11 | Posted by


Maximizing the Spa-Retail Connection Panel

Wendy Lewis, Editor in Chief, Beautyinthebag

Milana Knowles,  Glabal Spa Consultant

Joe Contorno, CEO, Christina Cosmeceuticals

Retail sales are a vital component of a successful spa strategy. It starts with knowing your target audience and choosing a compelling and varied product selection that meets their needs and preferences including price points. The staff is integral to the process to close sales and build customer relationships to ensure repeat business and future sales. Training is essential so all of the staff have direct knowledge of all products and treatments offered, and are adept at listening and responding to the needs of the client. For each brand, your staff should know how to communicate the benefits, advantages and features. The panel will discuss innovative strategies and methods for cross selling, bundling products with services, customer loyalty programs, coupons, vouchers, Facebook and Twitter offers, geotargeted deal-of-the-day platforms, and monthly specials.

Tuesday 28th June, 1:00pm – 2:15pm

Register hbaexpo.com/skincare-track-02

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