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01-03-13 | Posted by

Pungent, aged, blue cheese, rich with fat and salt, could actually contribute to a new generation of anti-aging skincare. It also could be the missing link in the French diet paradox, according to laboratory and clinical tests done by doctors and scientists at biomedical company Lycotec, and published in Medical Hypotheses Journal. According to Drs. Ivan Petyaev and Yuriy Bashmakov, regular consumption of Roquefort, Camembert, and other molded fermented cheese may be the answer to some of today’s top health problems. In spite of a diet rich in saturated fats, French women share the title of Europe’s longest-living, with a life expectancy of 85.3 years. This prompted the team of researchers at the Cambridge-based biotechnology team to delve into this “French Paradox.”

Roquefort cheese, it was shown, could fight inflammation, prevent cardiovascular disease, and when the cheese ripens, the anti-inflammatory properties only grow more powerful, especially in acidic environments. The most notable environments the cheese had an effect on included the skin’s surface and the stomach lining.

“Observations indicate that consumption of red wine alone cannot explain the paradox,” the researchers write. “We hypothesize that cheese consumption, especially of molded varieties, may contribute to the occurrence of the ‘French Paradox.'” Because of this study, the researchers urge that the anti-inflammatory elements of Roquefort may be worth extracting to use in cardiovascular drugs and in anti-aging creams. More importantly, it can also help in medicine for skeletal muscle loss, cellulite, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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