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03-03-15 | Posted by

Can’t buy me love, but you can buy me a “Hard Days Night” spa treatment at Lush Spa. I recently had the good fortune to experience a taste of this brand new spa offering at Lush Spa’s Upper East Side location in NYC and it was everything I hoped it would be…and then some.



Lush Fresh Hand Made Cosmetics is an iconic British beauty brand that has its roots in the 1907s in England. They are a very green company with a heart – and their brand’s cause is fighting against testing on animals and fighting for organic ingredients and giving back. The brand’s motto is simple: “we believe in protecting people, animals and the planet.” Their quirky and whimsical colorful soaps, face and body lotions and potions, and scents are unique and original, and sure to put a smile on your face and stimulate your senses.

The “Hard Days  Night” treatment — inspired by the Beatles and Cirque de Soleil’s Love show and executed by a specially trained massage therapist — mixes a firm, deep massage with gentle, passive stretching and touches upon all of your senses to ease both your body and mind into the deepest state of relaxation. My abridged version was enough to send me to a state of bliss… I can only imagine what the 75 minute treatment would do!



The Lush Spa has a very English cottage sort of feel with fresh wildflowers, vintage teacups and teapots and a big, old farm table with perfectly mismatched chairs plus a wall full of the most gorgeous apothecary jars filled with bright colored, aromatic oils and essences. Post-treatment, this is where I continued to relax and enjoy the complimentary tea and biscuits (aka cookies!), and the take-home lavender infused Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb will ensure I stay relaxed long after the treatment is done.

The Hard Days Night Treatment: $175 for 75 minutes at lushusa.com/spa





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