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12-13-14 | Posted by

The holiday season is well under way, and whether you’re staying in-state, heading cross country or leaving the country altogether, it’s important to have an extra special gift to hand over to the hosts who are receiving you, especially if you’re looking for a repeat invitation. Of course we know you know better than to show up empty handed, but a little extra thought and effort can go a long way in making it a happy holiday for all!

We took the guesswork out of it for you by rounding up some extra special gifts we’d be delighted to receive from any guest who was staying with us — from couture teas to artisanal soaps, luxe candles and gemstone vials, we’ve got you covered.




Big T NYC Couture Collection ($65) is a gift set from the world’s first line of couture teas. The set includes 3 of the finest loose leaf, organic, beauty-boosting, antioxidant-rich teas: Tell-Tale Glow is a white tea, berry and currant blend, Unexpected Fling is a green tea, rose and cherry mix, and Baby It’s Cold Outside is made from Vietnamese black and Chinese oolong with maple essential oils, Indonesian vanilla, and California almonds. Trust me…it will be hard to choose a favorite. Also included is an infuser as well as a guide to making the perfect cup of loose leaf tea.




Le Feu de L’Eau Candles ($62 each) are from the luxe, artisanal line that was founded by celebrity makeup artist Jo Strettell and artist-designer Wendy Polish. These one-of-a-kind candles are hand sculpted under water with custom blended colors for unique works of art. One whiff and you’ll experience just how ridiculously gorgeous the naturally fragranced scents truly are.  With approximately 80 hours worth of burn time, each candle’s scent is slowly and beautifully released into the air. You’ll love Le Feu Chartreuse (frankincense and cedar), Le Feu Violet (grapefruit and tobacco), or my favorite Le Feu Ivoire (patchouli and amber). The collection includes 11 different custom-blended scents.



Soap & Paper Factory Artisanal Soap ($8 – $12 each) is a collection of soaps that come wrapped in the most gorgeous papers ever. Choose from a huge selection of carefully crafted, hand stirred, specialty soaps or better yet, stuff a pretty basket to the rim for a gift any hostess would be thrilled to receive. They’re made in small batches, and chock full of pampering, soothing Shea Butter so skin stays soft, supple, and healthy.



VitaJuwel Gem Wand ($99 – $399) is for the host or hostess who appreciates the fine things in life. Besides being a statement piece and conversation starter, these lead-free Bohemian glass gemstone vials — created by master glassblowers in the German Alps — create hygienically infused pure, gemstone water that’s been tested by doctors and those in the holistic health community and have been scientifically proven effective. Choose from 15 vials including Beauty, Wellness, Fitness, and Inspiration.


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