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06-08-09 | Posted by

It’s 85 degrees and sunny and by noon your makeup is dripping off your cheeks, chin and nose so you feel like one big hot, sweaty mess. What’s a girl to do? …..TRADE UP YOUR MAKEUP!

This trio of waterproof, sweat resistant, weather defiant makeup finds will keep you cool, calm, and collected even when the barometer rises. Great if you live in Florida, Arizona or the French Riviera, and perfect for tennis players, cyclists and sailors, joggers, even dog walkers.



LANCÔME WATERPROOF PROTECTIVE UNDEREYE CONCEALER  – Crease resistant, lasts from dawn until dusk and comes in 5 shades to keep dark cicles at bay, can be used as an eye makeup base too.

CLINIQUE WORKOUT MAKEUP ALL DAY WEAR – Matte enough to keep you dry even after a picnic outdoors or lunch on the patio by the pool.  Doubles as a concealer to cover blemishes, scars and brown spots.



MAKEUP FOREVER WATERPROOF EYEBROW CORRECTOR – This little tube will keep your brows in perfect position even if you get caught in a summer shower, in 4 shades of fabulous.

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