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06-20-14 | Posted by

Sweat is a foregone conclusion when working out, but you can perspire in style with these pint-sized products that protect your skin and ease your aches. We live in an age of disposable goods, and gym essentials are not only becoming more portable, they add a touch of luxury to squats and curls.

Here are some of our gym bag favorites:

BeautyRx Exercise Kit ($12)

BeautyRxPhoto Credit: BeautyRx.com

This two-step system—with refresh Anytime pads, and buffered and pH adjusted glycolic Clear Pads—come in convenient discs that help prepare your skin before your workout. BeautyRX founder Dr. Neal Schultz says that people usually think that skin should be cleaned after workouts, but dirt, oil, and dead skin cells can actually grind into the skin when combined with sweat. We’re glad for such genius inventions that enable us to go to spinning class with peace of mind, and great skin.

gud Natural Cleansing Wipes ($3)

gud Cleansing WipesPhoto Credit: gud

This pack of wipes costs next to nothing but is a great gym bag companion, especially during workouts. I keep mine in my cup holder during gym class to wipe the sweat of my brow and face. The natural, paraben-free formula comes in three varieties: Orange Petalooza, Pearanormal Activity, and Red Ruby Groovy (my personal favorite) to give you a clean gym session—or keep you fresh while on the go.

Sprayology’s Arnica Power3 ($29)

Sprayology Arnica 3Photo Credit: Sprayology

A natural oral version of Ibuprofen? Say it ain’t so! Sprayology offers a whole range of homeopathic treatments that you spray on your tongue, from those that address acne to fatigue and stress. Arnica Power3 relieves aches and pains and according to my personal experience, it does work; plus you’ll feel peace of mind that you’re not taking unnecessary medicine. Spray Arnica in your mouth (it tastes pleasant—nothing medicinal about it at all) as well as externally where ever you hurt. Innovation, beauty, and science converge nicely in this handy bottle.

Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy ($8)

Pear and Pink Magnolia Crabtree and EvelynPhoto Credit: Crabtree and Evelyn

The smell of this product is quite divine, and will remind you of strolling in a beautiful pear orchard flanked by pink magnolias. This hand creme is a gym bag must, not only because of its beautiful packaging, but if offers cooling protection with a formula of hydrating ceramides and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. It also contains myrrh, which helps condition cuticles.







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