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11-23-15 | Posted by

Stellar genes are a great place to start, but even natural beauties like Sofia Vergara need a little extra help before a big event, and for this A-list celebrity nothing was bigger than her upcoming nuptials to actor, Joe Manganiello.

Whether you’re tying the knot yourself, are the mother-of-the-bride or you just want to look your very best for a party, reunion or get-together, a little extra attention to your skincare routine will make a big difference in your appearance on your special day. Dr. Dendy Engelman of Manhattan Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery advises starting at least two months prior to the big day and paying attention to more than just your face. She recommends you also pay heed to your arms, décolleté, back and more.

Here’s how she got Sofia ready for her big day and  now you can do the same:

Q: Dr. Engelman, Sofia Vergara has been your patient for many years. We know she’s pretty perfect in every beauty aspect, but how did you start her wedding prep? How far in advance do most brides need to be camera ready?”

A: “We began two months ago focusing on both her facial and body skin. To get started, I recommended, Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream to use on her arms and décolleté to help skin look firm and arms contoured. As well as Nugene’s Universal Serum used on the face and chest to target fine lines and wrinkles and give skin luminosity.

At one month to the big day, Sofia was treated to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) on the face and chest to target any areas of redness or dyschromia (hyperpigmentation) leaving a smooth, even complexion.”

Q: “So Dr. Engelman, we are one week away, what can you do, to make yourself the best “you” you can be?”

A: “With one week to the walk down the aisle, our secret weapon is the Oxylight Facial by our Aesthetician, Edyta Jarosz, which combines 6 different LED lights, micro current stimulation, ultrasonic massage, diamond-tip microdermabrasion, and oxygen infusion to face and chest. This treatment gives the perfect lift & an incredible wedding day glow.”

Q: “Clearly, Sofia is a gorgeous bride, but what might she do right up to the day of?”

A: “The day before, to make sure the skin is calm, I recommend, Natura Bisse Ceutical Collection to help with any flushing for the blushing bride. Despite being Latin, Sofia’s skin is very sensitive, so this will help combat any redness she may have from the wedding day excitement.”

Q: “So what are Sofia’s last minute tricks?”

A: “Sofia loves Self-tanner, which pleases me to no end because she isn’t exposing her beautiful skin to damaging rays. Her favorite self-tanner is Vita Liberata Mousse. Once dried, she finishes with Moroccan Oil’s Shimmering Body Oil for a warm, bronzed glow.”

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