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When Guerlain debuted its Météorites powder for the face, it broke through the powder mold and produced a cosmetic mainstay that was suitable for all skin types and (more shockingly) all skin tones. The illuminating powder tapped into the techniques of photography, and was inspired by how white light could remove skin imperfections and soften features.

Twenty-five years after the debut of the initial Météorites comes Météorites Blossom, Guerlain’s Spring 2014 collection, which is of course an improved version of the original.

In the Météorites Blossom Pearls ($60), each shade begins with the combination of three colors (mauve, pink, yellow) that adapt to every skin tone and each pearl is perfectly crafted by techniques known only to four craftsmen in the world. The Météorites Pearls use a specific Stardust Technology, which is actually a round pigment that is in each pearl. While it doesn’t help you possess superpowers like Wonder Woman, it will help light diffract upon contact with the skin to create a luminous, almost airbrushed finish worthy of a Vogue cover.

The star products in the spring collection include the Pearls, of course; the Météorites cream Blush ($42), which comes with a faint scent of violet, the Ecrin 4 eyeshadows in Les Tendres (ivory, satiny nude, matte violet-plum, and metallic aquatic green), and the Gloss d’Enfer ($30), a limited edition spring lipgloss designed to capture the brilliance of stardust.

The collection is, in essence, all about the brilliance of spring: pale robin’s egg blues and bonbon-colored pinks, teals, and lilacs beautifully complement the whites of the eyeshadow quartet. This is an elegant yet feminine collection, and it’s good to see that the folks at Guerlain have also added a touch of sparkle, telling us that brilliance is a tone not just reserved for the holidays.




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