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12-06-13 | Posted by

The saying could very well go, “a cup of green tea a day keeps the doctor away,” and in regards to beauty products, this is certainly true. From moisturizers and toners to exfoliators and even deodorants, the number of beauty products boasting green tea continues to grow. According to dermatologist Neal Schultz, MD, founder of DermTV  green tea is one of his favorite sources of antioxidants and it possesses terrific anti-inflammatory powers.

The creator of BeautyRx Skincare, Dr. Schultz uses green tea in his formulations because of its great affinity with the skin. In fact, he says topical application of green tea may benefit the skin even more than drinking vats of the brewed version.

An he is not alone; here are some new products boasting green as a key ingredient:

H2o Plus Marine Defense Collection


Photo Credit: H20 Plus

This matcha green tea colored collection is one of my all-time favorites, and consists of Green Tea Antioxidant Cleansing Milk ($26), an extremely gentle Toner ($18), and the richer Antioxidant Face Complex ($36). Far from smelling like you’ve slathered green tea all over your face, the trio is as soothing as checking into a spa. Because of the marine ingredients in its Sea Marine Complex, you get an ocean-based nutrient broth (read: minerals) in these three products as well. Follow with a soothing cup of tea afterwards for the perfect indulgence.

Dr. Schultz Beauty Rx Exfoliating Green Tea Complex SPF 20 ($90)

Dr. Schultz Green Tea Exfoliating

Photo Credit: BeautyRx

This product multitasks like a working mom on the first day of school: it exfoliates, which is always a great way to start the day, and also offers sun protection, which is the best way to prevent aging. It also offers a PH adjusted glycolic acid, and of course, green tea, which Dr. Schultz praises for both its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. And for an added bonus, the exfoliating complex helps normalize the water and oil balance of your skin, making it particularly ideal for combination skin.

Dove go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Deodorant (around $5)

Dove go Fresh Green Tea

Photo Credit: Dove

If you want to feel cool and refreshed, this is your ideal deodorant. The combination is crisp and a bit tropical without making you feel like a fruit salad, and the cucumber serves as an ideal partner for the soothing green tea. Use this post-gym (as I do) for a great cooling sensation. Green tea couldn’t find a fresher partner.

Dr. Brandt XYY (Extend Your Youth) Face Cream ($59)


Photo Credit: Sephora.com

Seven potent antioxidants star in this face cream (green tea, white tea, grape seed, red wine, rose petals, pro-taurine, and osmanthus flower) to create a brilliantly hydrating and soothing treatment that is lightweight enough to slather on, even for sensitive skins. While seven antioxidants may be overdosing a bit, it doesn’t hurt.. This is one of the most hydrating face creams we’ve tried.


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