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Posted by 12.13.09

PHOTO CREDIT: missionskincare.com

PHOTO CREDIT: missionskincare.com

Winter finally showed up, just in time for the holidays.  Here in the Chicago area we have had serious snow, wind and sub-zero temperatures.  Tonight is the third night of Hanukkah and I’m looking to lip products that will keep my poor pucker safe from harm.  If I can protect my mouth from winter winds and summer sun then I’m a step ahead of the game.  These lip balms are all formulated to shield as they hydrate.

When I was living in Berlin I became obsessed with the infinite varieties of Labello lip balms.  They come in these distinctive little tubes that make for easy application and they work exceptionally well.  For blustery weather, nothing beats Labello UV-Alpin SPF 30.  Packed with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E, UV-Alpin is perfectly suited for a day on the slopes or just trotting around town.  It’s an import product that retails for $7.95 through various online vendors.  If you’re like me, you can ask friends traveling to Europe to bring back a bunch of tubes for a fraction of the price.

Eco Lips deserves a spot alongside the organic balms I mentioned on the first night of Hanukkah, and Eco Lips SPF 30 Sport Lip Balm is the best of both worlds; the organic balm designed for people who love the great outdoors provides excellent protection against sun, wind and cold.  I like the fact that it comes on a cutie aluminum carabiner.  It’s not like I have ever gone climbing in my life, but a $3.99 lip balm that can be clipped to my keys or diaper bag is pure genius.

Mission Skincare Ultra-Hydrating Lip Protector is as hard working as the high performance athletes for and by whom it was engineered.  The sleek package reveals a gel that promises to “condition in all conditions” with SPF20.  The fantastic scent comes courtesy of grapefruit peel oil, which works with lanolin, shea butter, mango seed butter, aloe leaf extract and soybean and coconut oils to deliver lasting hydration and protection, whether you’re poolside or trekking through the mountains.  Lip Protector costs $3.99 and is preservative and paraben free.

All three of these products are wonderful for women and men alike.  This year all of my presents for my husband seem to revolve around the theme of protecting him against the harsh elements (no honey, sane people do not walk the dog in a t-shirt when it’s 10 degrees) so I’ll be sure to slip him some of these lip balms to keep him kissable.

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