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Posted by 11.16.09


BRUCCI NAIL HARDENER in CLEAR (No. 28) - I was in desperate need of a top coat, and found this at my local Duane Reade– and for only about 3 bucks! At first I thought it was a great find! It kept my nail color super shiny, and it seemed like it made the polish last longer too. But after a week of using it, the Brucci nail hardener started getting thick and gloppy. When I used it on my nails, it didn’t go on smoothly at all. Instead, I got an uneven and irregular surface  even though it was still shiny. I thought perhaps it was just a defective bottle, so I bought another one, and the same thing happened with that bottle as well.  The price is right but the quality is just not up to par – so I guess you do get what you pay for even with top coats. I learned my lesson.

FINAL VERDICT – BEAUTY ON A BUDGET (BOB) –  In a pinch the Brucci does work, but only for a few uses. You would have to buy this top coat twice as frequently as any other drugstore brand of clear polish, so it wouldn’t end up being such a bargain afterall. I guess you really do get a better bang for your buck if you choose a higher quality product. I switched to Maybelline Express Finish Advanced Wear Anti-Chip Color, Base & Top Coat 10 – for just $3.29 and it does everything I need for around the same price.

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